Marques Houston Net Worth 2018

Who is Marques Houston and what is his net worth 2018? Marques Barret Houston is an American R&B singer and rapper. He is best known for his role in Sister, Sister which is a television comedy. He was Roger Even. He was a member of immature which is an R&B singing group.

Early Life

Marquis Barrett specific date of birth is August 4, 1981. His birthplace was Los Angeles, California, and he was born to Michael Houston and Carolyn Houston. J-Boog is his younger cousin. At an early age, Houston had started acting. In 1997, he lost her mother to Lymphoma.

Marques Houston Net Worth

People had speculated that Houston was dating Jamila “Mila J” Chilombo. There were pictures of them kissing and holding hands. It turned out that by the time people got to see the photos, they had already broken up. Later, a new rumour, considering Houston has supposedly gotten engaged with Jennifer Freeman. Freeman is an actress, in My Wife and Kinds. Omarion posted some photos in March 2012. On Twitter. They were of Houston and his girlfriend, Marleen. The two were celebrating their two-year anniversary. Houston has been a Jehovah’s writers since 2016.

Houston is the founding member of immature also known as IMx. IMx is an R&B group. Other members of the group include Chris Stocks their manager, Jerome “Romeo” Jones and Don’t Santos. Kelton Kessee later replaced Santos. The group went by that name until 1999. They changed the name but despite that released two albums under that name. After they changed the name, they released two albums under that same name.

In 1999, they released introducing IMx, and in 2002 they released IMx. The group also recorded the soundtrack to both house party 4: Down to the last minute and A Different World.They are film and a television series, respectively, The band was disbanded in 2002. That did not stop his career but instead began to make solo music. MH was his debut album contained singles such as That Girl, Clubbing, Pop that Booty and Because of You.

He featured Jermaine Dupri in pop that Booty and Joe Budden in the clubby. His second album was Naked.He released it on 24th May 2005. He singles included “All Because of You”, “Sex with you” and “Naked”. On 20th March 2007, Houston released a third album, Veterans. It had singers such as Favourite Girl, Wonderful, Like This and Circle.His fourth album released was on 20th September 2009.

It was named Mr. Houston with singles such as Sunset, and I love Her. The year he released Mattress Music album.Other albums included Famous. Houston is the voice behind Khalil of 1992. In 1994, Houston made an appearance on House Party 3.

Net Worth of Marques Houston

The career path of Houston as an actor, songwriter, singer, and rapper has been a success. They have helped him not only earn but accumulate wealth. Steve Miller’s estimated net worth is $5.5 million.

Marques Houston has released various songs. He has also appeared in television and films. Houston is best known for the role of Roger Evans in the sitcom Sister, Sister from 1994 to 1999 He has been a member of a band before he went solo. In 1995, he was declared the winner of Best Youth Comedian award.