Mark Foster Net Worth 2019

Who is Mark Foster and what is his net worth 2019? Indie pop is a really quirky form of music and has many fans for its unique music patterns. One such indie pop band is Foster the People of which Mark Foster is a founding member. His band, Foster the people is famous for their dance infused rock and pop which is melodious at the same time! Mark founded the band along with his namesake Mark Pontius in 2009 and they went on to win even a couple of Grammy’s!

Early Life

Mark Foster was born on February 29, in the year 1984 making him 33 as of 2017. He was born in San Jose, California but later moved to Ohio where he was raised. Mark grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and was influenced by music at a very young age and he decided to make a career out of music. Mark completed his high school at Nordonia High School in Ohio and soon after, he moved to Sylmar, Los Angeles to California to live with his uncle while making a career out of music. He could not have made this decision without the encouragement of his father who wholeheartedly supported his decision of making music his career from when he was in school.

Mark Foster Net Worth


Mark took the right decision in moving to Los Angeles as it was and still is a happening place with much pop culture centering around the city. He would work several jobs to support himself and even wait tables. He just took all of the music and cultures inside him and was heavily influenced by it when he would later start his own band. Mark faced a huge drug addiction problem when he was in his teens and it weaned off only when he was 19. Mark saw life moving past him at a fast pace which he actually achieved anything productive. He realised that he had not done anything which he had set out to achieve.

After Mark took care of his drug problem and became sober, he decided he had to start a band and began writing songs fervently. The problem, however, was that he was influenced by so many things that every song would be poles apart with one song being a melody and the next being heavy electronic music. This depressed Mark even more and he knew he had to start a band soon. When he was 25, he met Mark Pontius who was a film school student. Mark Pontius had recently left his group, Malbec to found a band with Foster. He was really impressed with the variety of songs Mark had created and was more than willing to work with him.

Mark Foster took on the role of lead singer and guitarist while Pontius was on percussion and drums. However, they still needed a bassist which is where Cubie Fink stepped in. Cubie was Foster’s longtime friend and recently laid off because of the recession. This was the official beginning of the band which would be named Foster & the people but be known as Foster the people because of the comforting feeling it gave to fans.

Net Worth of Mark Foster

When Mark finally realised his dream of starting the band, he never imagined the amount of success it would go on to make. The band’s first song called ‘Pumped up Kicks’ would be their savior and broke all records to become a very popular song and make up a superb image for the band. This hugely increased Mark’s net worth and the popularity of his band increased as well which spawned record deal after record deal. Overnight, Mark had become someone looking for record companies to someone whom record companies looked too!

Mark’s band was also nominated twice for the Grammy awards which are why his net worth is $15 million! Mark also has a ranch in the popular Hollywood Hills which costs about $2 million and is very luxurious with a fully wooden interior!

Mark Foster is truly an inspiration to all those people out there lost in their lives without any clue as to what to do further. Mark was at that stage in his teen year and he was also facing a drug addiction problem but he had a strong resolve to achieve what he set out to and he made sure he did it.