Maria Brink Net Worth 2019

Who is Maria Brink and what is her net worth 2019? Maria Diane Brink is a renowned American singer and songwriters who got widely recognised as the frontwoman of American metal band, In This Moment. What made her extremely popular among the crowd is her perfection in singing which add to her stunning looks and personality. No wonder that she is perfect blend of beauty and brains and this is what makes her unique.

You would be surprised to know that she was awarded “Rock Goddess of the year” in in the 3rd (2013) and 5th (2015) Annual Loudwire Music Awards “Hottest Chick in Metal” in 2010, one of eleven women in heavy metal who matter by Yell! Magazine in 2012, and was recognised by Revolver Magazine as one of the “25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock & Metal”. These are some of her achievements which made her a popular face world wide.

Maria Brink Net Worth

Here are a few little known facts which you need to know about this versatile singer. As a young child, Maria was sexually abused by her father. It is also said that her song “ Daddy’s Falling Angel” is a biographical reference in her life. She gave birth to her son Davion when she was merely 15 years of age and moved out of town after this incident. Apart from music, her interests lied in painting and she was a very accomplished painter. She is also associated with several charitable organisations namely PETA.

Here is something interesting you need to know about her personal life and her relationships. According to sources on internet, she is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Dan. But, unfortunately nothing much is known about their love life. Also, it seems as if Maria Brink likes to keep her relationships a secret as she hasn’t revealed much information about her relationships till date. However, according to social media, Maria Brink in one of her interviews , did reveal that her boyfriend was a football player and he did play for Arizona Cardinals.

Maria Brink got an opportunity to associate with her first ever band when she was just 18 years old. The name of this famous band was Pulse. They opened local shows for bands such as Coal Chamber and Sevendust, but they eventually broke up. But this relationship didn’t last for long and very soon they broke up and she moved to LA. Very soon she formed a band with Maria, Chris, and Jeff called Dying Star .The song “Drifting”, which is now considered an In This Moment demo, was actually recorded under the Dying Star band name.

She also started experimenting with songwriting and “Legacy of Odio” was a tribute to her best friend on her death.” For the In This Moment song 11:11, Maria took a completely organic approach. To achieve the layered vocal effect, she overlayed 50 tracks of vocals on top of one another. Maria’s was greatly inspired by favourite band the Deftones, and Chino Moreno is who was her favourite vocalist.


• In This Moment (2005)
• Beautiful Tragedy (2007)
• The Dream (2008)
• A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010)
• Blood (2012)
• Black Widow (2014[ )
• Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits ) (2015)


• “Here’s To Us” – Halestorm
• “Heaven’s A Lie” – Manntis
• “Anywhere But Here” – Five Finger Death Punch
• “Big Mouth” – Red Dragon Cartel
• “Contemptress” – Motionless in White
• “Gravity” – Papa Roach
• “Criminal Conversations” – P.O.D

Net Worth of Maria Brink

Maria Brink’s net worth is approximately $5.5 Million. Her increased net earning can be attributed to many reasons but her versatile singing occupies the top spot.Due to her amazing personality, she is also a popular face among reputed brands and advertisements. However, nothing much is known on this front.

Undoubtedly, she is one of the best singers in the world. What makes her stand out in the crowd among hundreds of other musicians is her dedication towards her profession. For her, music is passion and that’s why she has been able to achieve indefeasible feats in music industry. Apart from that, she is very popular among the crowds for her unique style . She can definitely make you dance to the fast beats of music. In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that she is best in the lot.