Luis Miguel Net Worth 2018

Who is Luis Miguel and what is his net worth 2018? Luis Miguel is the professional name of a Mexican based singer as well as an icon prevalent in Latin America, frequently denoted to as El Sol de México. In the history of Latin America, he is considered as one of the greatest successful artists. He has successfully presented performance in extensive variety of musical styles, comprising ballads, pop, boleros as well as mariachi. Till date, this singer has sold more than 100 million records globally. Now get complete details of net worth of Luis Miguel by reading below:

Early Life

Though his parents stayed in Mexico, Luis Miguel got birth in Santurce region of San Juan, located in Puerto Rico, the place where his father was renowned for performing in one show. It is known that his father was essentially Spanish singer, songwriter as well as a guitarist named Luis Gallego, alternatively known as “Luisito Rey”, while his mother was an Italian based actress named Marcela Basteri.

Luis Miguel Net Worth

On account of his early fame, Luis Miguel faced little bit complicated childhood. This singer had a tough relationship with father, who was too recognised as his manager. It is known that his father was extremely strict and challenging throughout the continuous rehearsals; though his father’s severe discipline has too been accredited with performing a big role in his achievement.

In year 1986, his mother died out strangely and her location are yet unknown. During the late 1980s, Luis Miguel fired up his father because of financial issues lead by poor depiction. After his estrangement, from his father, who was actually heavy drinker, this singer went in depression as well as passed away in year 1992 in Spain.

Throughout his childhood, his father who was too stayed as his manager stimulated him to see and investigate almost every recording, movie, as well as concert based performance of Elvis Presley. In year 1982, when he was of age 11, Luis Miguel launched his leading album, entitled as Un Sol, by Mexican based branch of EMI Records.

After two years, he began travelling Latin American nations such as Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, his homeland Puerto Rico and Argentina. Moreover, he made score of a major hit through his single entitled as “1+1=Dos Enamorados”. Later in year 1986, the singer gave his career a short break, because his association with his father was turning on account of unproven misconduct, pitiable financial decisions as well as endangering his pays of career.


In year 1991, his career moved to greater heights and grossed him the admiration of a broader audience through release of Romance, which is essentially one album of romantic boleros, majority of them belonging from era of 1950s. Furthermore, he has been accredited with funding bolero for contemporary audiences. The album entitled as Romance, which turned out as his greatest successful material till now sold 15 million units globally.

In year 1996, for his works to recording industry, Luis Miguel obtained a star as well as was inaugurated to Hollywood Walk of Fame. In year 2003, Luis Miguel launched his leading pop album across four years named 33, revealing his age. Later in year 2008, Luis Miguel launched Cómplices, which was produced by him as well as written by Spanish based composer named Manuel Alejandro. This particular album sold nearly 350,000 copies in initial 24 hours. In year 2012, this singer sang at Viña del Mar International Song Festival. Through one million dollars on account of his performance, he turned out as the most costly artist ever in history of the festival.

Net Worth of Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is essentially a Mexican based singer with a high net worth of $200 million. In his career, Miguel is recognised for his high-grossing kind of live performances. This singer is an annual headliner in The Colosseum held at Caesars Palace located in Las Vegas, adding to his fame. Moreover, he has sold National Auditorium in Mexico more than 200 times in only span of twenty years.

Luis Miguel is among very few Mexican singers who have sold many copies of his albums due to his excellent singing. Miguel sings so well that his records sales reaches in millions.