Luis Coronel Net Worth

Who is Luis Coronel? What is net worth of Luis Coronel? He was born on February 1996 in the city of Tucson, Arizona. At first, he wanted to become a boxer, but once after a match, he sang for a crowd, that song was videotaped uploaded on YouTube and overnight he became a viral sensation.

His main ambition changed in that moment from boxer to entertainer and artist. He has two siblings and was born in a Mexican family. His mother is from Sonora, and his Father was born in Jalisco. The main inspiration for his singing is the grandfather who has co-written songs with him on family parties.

He started to sing when he was 6 in his hometown church where he went every Sunday. His main wish was to become a boxer, but after a viral YouTube video he left boxing and started to concentrate on on his music. His debut album was released on 2013 “Con la Frente en Alto”, where he was a songwriter and singer. He made a dozen of hits and he was ranked number one many times on Mexican Billboard.

Luis Coronel Net Worth 2017-2018

When Luis Coronel signed a record deal with Del records he was just sixteen. He is the unbelievable singer of romantic Mexican music with some urban motives. His videos appeal to a large section of Latin pop fans. He was born in Tucson and began to sing at the age of six, and after he made a viral video of singing in Boxing match, he started to upload music and videos of his songs to Facebook and YouTube.

He became more and more popular with more than million views and hundreds of thousands followers. As soon as he gets viral the record company got him and he recorded his debut album which gave him a final boost to success. After that, he became a worldwide superstar for latin pop, that has its attention all over South America and Europe.

Luis Coronel Net Worth

Luis Coronel is a Mexican singer who specializes in Regional Mexican and Banda genres has net worth around $3.5 million in 2017. He was signed by Del Records when he was sixteen. His debut album was a huge success, it was certified Gold and reached number one for US Regional Mexican Albums chart and Top Latin Albums chart. It reached number 80 on US Billboard. His Second album was released in 2014 and it was certified gold, it reached number one on all important charts. He also won a Latin Billboard Music Award for New Artist of the Year.

He has been an idol for many girls all around the Mexico and wider, and everyone is interested in his love life. He was linked with Adiliene Idalie, the unknown latina girl, and famous singer Becky G. Those two went on a dinner date, but there were no indication that anything else happened. He will always remain in the hearts of the fans. After he won New Artist of the Year award his popularity and net worth keep growing. We may see one of the leading faces of Mexican genre in the U. S. A.

How much Luis Coronel earned from albums:

• Love is in the air: $250K
• Mesrine: Killer Instinct: $180K
• Quiero Ser Tu Dueno: $170K
• Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces: $153K
• Con la Frente en Alto: $130K


When he celebrated his 20th birthday he stated that he suffered from depression because he lost his father when he was young. His childhood wasn’t that great because there were times when he didn’t have anything to eat, and he was constantly bullied. Everybody would laugh at his shoes and ripped off socks. His mother worked as a cleaning lady and she kept his family alive and well. His father was arrested for driving under influence, then he was deported to Mexico, so they didn’t have any kind of communication. His father unsuccessfully tried to come back, and that left a burning mark on his heart.

What we can see here is one of most popular teen stars in Mexico, with great success and net worth. So we can expect from him more musical accomplishment and ideas. This is just a beginning for a young Luis Coronel.