Linda Perry Net Worth

Who is Linda Perry and what is her net worth 2018? Linda Perry is a famous rock singer, songwriter and record producer. Perry first came into limelight as the lead singer and primary songwriter of the band ‘4 Non-Blondes’. She has also composed and produced many hit songs for several other artists. Some of the crucial songs in which she has worked are: ‘Beautiful’, ‘What You Waiting For?’, ‘Fill Me Up’ etc. Perry has also worked in the albums ‘Alicia Keys’ & ‘Courtney Love’ by Adele.

Linda Perry was born on April 15, 1965, in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Perry comes from musical background and so she decided to start her career in music. Before focusing on music, she suffered from kidney disease and drug addiction. Growing up in musical environment, she showed extreme interest towards music from an early age. Perry started playing guitar and giving audition for different bands. She then decided to start her solo career. At the age of 21, Perry migrated to San Francisco for her bright future in music and she started to sing there at various clubs and coffee shops.

Linda Perry Net Worth 2018-2019

Linda Perry is a lesbian. In 2009, Perry was in relation with Clementine Ford, but ended soon. After it, she started dating Sara Gilbert and married her on March 30, 2014. They have one son.

In 1980s, Perry composed her own song ‘Down on Your Face’. In 1989, Perry joined a local band ‘4 Non-Blondes’. As a band artists, they started performing in streets, clubs and local area. After working hard for 1-2 years, they were able to sign a recording contract with ‘Interscope Records’. They worked for their debut album and they finally released it on October 13, 1992, under the name, Bigger, Better, Faster, More.

As a ‘4 Non-Blondes’ band member Perry didn’t work much together. In 1996, Perry left the band and decided to start her solo career. In September 1996, Perry finally released her debut solo album ‘In Flight’. In 2000, Perry collaborated with American singer Pink and started to work for her. Perry has worked with several artists.

Perry also helped Rivers Cuomo and Weezer on their song ‘Brave New World’. The theme song ‘Hands of Love’ performed by Miley Cyrus was written by Perry. In 2015, ‘Can’t Let Go’ for album ‘25’ of Adele was also co-write by Perry. Some of her major solo works include ‘The Crow: City of Angeles’, ‘After Hours’ and ‘Deer Sounds’.

In 2004, Linda Perry’s ‘Beautiful’ was nominated in Grammy Awards for Song of the Year. Perry was also admitted into the ‘Songwriters Hall of Fame’ in June, 2015.

Linda Perry Net Worth

Linda Perry is known for her songwriting and singing. Presently, Perry is most in demand songwriter and record producer. Perry has got huge success in her life and she has earned a lot from that. Linda Perry’s net worth is an estimated $20 million. The main source of her extensive income are her music albums, musical concerts and record studio. Perry also earns a lot money by working with other artists.

Linda Perry is stepmother to Sara Gilbert’s son and a daughter from foregoing relationship. Perry’s partner, Gilbert was able to give birth to a baby with the help of a sperm donor.