Le’Andria Johnson Net Worth 2018

Who is Le’Andria Johnson and what is her net worth 2018? Le’Andria Johnson was born on January 23, 1983, in Palatka, a small place of Florida. She was born in a preacher’s family as her father was a Bishop. Her father was Bishop Gregory Johnson and her mother was Pastor Sharon Johnson. She has a great musical talent from a young age. She is a gospel and praise & worship singer, but she is also a songwriter as well.

She has a disturbed personal life as she has gone through divorce twice and if we say that a movie can be formed on her personal professional experience, it will not be wrong. As, she has gone through a lot of hardships and obstacles in her life, but she overcame every hurdle with faith in God. Johnson has three children from two marriages and she is a single divorced mother of her children.

Le'Andria Johnson's Net Worth

In her bad times when her house went to foreclosure at that time her friend convinced her to take part in auditions for the show ‘Sunday Best’, which was a cable TV show at that time. She borrowed a car and drove to New Orleans for her auditions and she gave her auditions in flip flops and the dress which wore while driving. She has started singing at the age of two in front of her father’s congregations, but she never thought of becoming a professional in singing. But, the destiny has made her a professional gospel singer.

Le’Andria Johnson’s Education: Johnson basically belongs to a preaching family as her father was a Bishop and mother was a Pastor, which defines she has detailed and thorough knowledge of the Bible. But, there is no such information prescribed about her academic qualification.

Net Worth of Le’Andria Johnson

The net worth of Le’Andria Johnson is estimated as $9 million. She has several sources of income and she was the main cast to join the reality show on television “Preachers of Atlanta” last year. And her popularity as a gospel singer is undefined.

Le’Andria is a gospel singer mainly, but she also writes songs and she is a philanthropist as well. She has experienced homelessness so she did a beneficiary concert for homeless people under the name “Up from the Ashes”. The concert was arranged at South Church in Lansing Michigan.

The concert was postponed due to her brother’s death, as he was shot and killed on the spot in Orlando Florida. She has started a non-profitable program under the name “iProgress” in Atlanta, as the city has many poor and shelterless people. The program workers distribute clothing, food, bibles and even useful gifts in a month, especially outside the homes shelter of Peachtree and Pine Street.

Johnson on the consideration of a friend went to participate a reality show named as “Sunday Best” on that time when she had become homeless and penniless after her second divorce. She was having three children to look after as a single mother, but destiny has written something else in her fate and she became the winner of the third season of the show in 2010. The victory provided her a new car and a cash prize with that a recording deal as well. She became a prominent gospel singer and she has two homes of her with other undisclosed property.

She has been always in news due to her unorthodox and controversial form of delivery of Bible preaching. She has followed the path of her parents and adopted the route of pastorship. She has a good image in her ministry, but she always been criticised by critics for her unconventional ways. The critics blame she has no respect for traditional Christian moral standards.

Johnson has gone through a lot of hardships and various life changes she has faced, but she kept her firmed deter on her ministry and continued to anoint singing for the Christian community. She can be considered as a person who has formed herself and stood firmly in all challenges. She has earned name and fame with the God’s grace according to her. She has maintained her faith in God after so many hardships and received a reward for it.