Laura Pausini Net Worth 2018

Who is Laura Pausini and what is her net worth 2018? Laura Pausini is an Italian singer, songwriter, record producer and TV host. Her name, fame could easily be seen worldwide. Pausini is admired throughout Europe and has become a top attraction in Latin America. From her childhood she was into music and her father encouraged her to join him as a mentor during performances in local piano bars.

From the first music contract to present each of her albums is a success which drags millions of followers around the world record stores. She is fluent in several languages and with native of Italy she also sings in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. She is the five time Grammy Award winner and around 40 million copies were sold around the world. During her career she won numerous music awards in Italy and internationally.

Laura Pausini Net Worth

Early Life

Pausini was born in the northern Italian city of Solarolo in 1974. Her father played piano and sang at a local restaurant which gave her a musical background. During her teenage she began to realise that she like to sing and decided to make music a career. She sang for almost 10 year with her father and at the age of 12, Pausini wrote her first song, “Let Me Sleep,” which she characterised as “a very easy, stupid song,”. Things changed in April 1993 when her debut album was released in Italy that later became an international success selling two million copies worldwide.

“La Solitudine” was one of her best song which was awarded with prestigious Italian Sanremo Music Festival. Later, she decided to leave her studies and devote herself fully to music. In 1994 she released two albums Laura and in Spanish language Laura Pausini. Both albums received huge applaud worldwide and more two million copies were sold.

In 2001, Pausini released a “Best Of” album that shot to number one in Italy and hit the European top 100 charts at number 12. In 2002, she released her first English album “From the Inside” which appeared in the US market in 2003.

Laura Pausini has daughter Paola with her partner Paolo Carta who is Italian guitarist, composer, music producer and former singer. She describes herself as a Roman Catholic woman.

Net Worth of Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini has net worth of $24 Million. She has earned No. 1 spot in the list which includes factors such as upfront pay, profit participation, residuals, endorsements and advertising work. She owes her fortune to stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. The Laura Pausini net worth and salary figures above have been reported from credible sources.

She has several restaurants in Rome; Fat Pausini Burger is one of them. She also owns a football team Faenza Angels and her own brand of vodka “Pure Wonderpausini – Italy”. Laura launched perfume with her name on it- With Love from Laura. The love for her car is well known but actual collection is not known yet.

Pausini has had six albums in Italy and all of her albums have reached the Top 5 of the Italian Albums Chart. Almost 70 million records have been sold worldwide. She has won three Latin Grammy Awards, a Billboard Latin Music Award, and four World Music Awards. In Italy history, Pausini was the first lady to win Grammy Award in 2006.

President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi of Italian Republic awarded Order of Merit. She accumulated gold and platinum record for its sales, in addition to receiving awards such as Lo Nuestro to the artist revelation in language Latin in United States. Pausini was also a world ambassador of Emilia Romagna.

According to the Watch and Listen magazine poll Laura Pausini 1993’s hit “La solitudine “is now considered to be the greatest song in the History of Music. An insider reported that singer is busy in practicing Gangnam Style. Glamour magazine in its April 2017 stated that Laura Pausini is the sexiest singer alive and this tag was given for the second consecutive year. A report from Rome Daily “Vivimi” singer has secretly hitched to her long term relationship.