Larry Hernandez Net Worth 2019

Who is Larry Hernandez and what is his net worth 2019? The Mexican singer is well known in the American television and music industry. He is best known for creating Mexican regional music. He first rose to fame with his tenth album ‘16 Narco Corridos’, which gained him, both critical and commercial recognition. The album earned itself a spot on Billboard Top Latin Albums at number four. Following its success, his next album ‘En Vivo: Desde Culiacan’ turned out to be a greater hit gaining itself a number two spot.

Early Life

He majorly gained fame with the help of social networking sites, by going viral through YouTube with the support of fans. He is now considered and looked up as a true Latino music idol. He won ‘2010 Latin Artist of the Year’ by BillBoard Music Awards. In 2011, he won ‘Regional Airplay Artist’ and ‘Mexican Album artist’ by Latin Billboards awards. In his entire music career he has been nominated more than 15 times for various awards. Larry Hernandez was born in 1977 on 10th March to father Lorenzo Hernandez and mother Dona Manuela Sanchez. He was born in Culiacan, Mexico. But later his family relocated to Pueblos when he was four, where he spent most of his teenage years.

Larry Hernandez Net Worth

He believes his initial seed of love for music was planted in his head by his family. He started writing and composing music from a very early age.

In order to seek more perfection in his work, he enrolled in a musical school in Culiacan. Here he entered a group ‘Los Amables Del Norte’, which represented Sinalo. During this time he briefly served as a drummer for this group.


He started off his basic career through the music school he attended. It gave him experience and confidence to perform in front of the crowd. However, his solo career brought him his initial fame turning him into a Mexican sensation.

During his first recording in 1998, he composed 65 songs paying a tribute to his inspiration Cornelio Reyna. In 1999, he released his solo debut album ‘Contella Nortena’.

Following this he released eight albums, ‘Mil Noches’ in 2001, ‘El Amigo de Todos’ in 2003, ‘Linda Chiquita’ in 2004, ‘Labrinto’ in 2005, ‘Arrepiente’, ‘Se Busca Cantar Buenos Corridos’ in 2006 , ‘Hace un Mes’ 2008 and ‘Dejate Queer Tantito’ in 2008.

2009, turned out to be breakthrough year of his career,with ’16 Narco Corridos’, earning him a position in Billboard top charts, ranked #4 in top Latin albums charts. Later his album ‘En Vivo: Desdo Culiacan’ released in 2009, followed his success by topping the Billboard Latin Charts at number two spot. Later this recognition earned him a singing deal with Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

Net Worth of Larry Hernandez

This Mexican singer has released over 10 albums in a span of 17 years. He owns all of his fame, to his fans, which helped him in gaining recognition and popularity. With millions of his record copies being sold and receiving constant views on YouTube, he is getting better financially. Larry’s net worth is estimated to be around $10.5 million. 2009 was the turning point in his career which made him the Mexican Musical idol for millions of people.

The Mexican star also plays a major part in television reality series named ‘Larrymania’ which aired on Mun2. It consisted of a 10 hour long episode in its 2012 season!

In 2015, Larry was arrested under the charges of assault and kidnapping in Ontario, California. In 2015, after being unsatisfied with his performance in New berry South Carolina, he used his bodyguards to bring the manager to his hotel room, and assaulted him in order to gain more money for his performance. Larry was dragged to court and his Bail price was marked as $200,000. He was asked to surrender his passport. Later he agreed to the filed charges and pleaded guilty, earning himself probation for six months.

Larry, has just started off his journey of fame from 2009, he still has to live up to all his due share of success that was left unnoticed in his initial career. He is a true Mexican sensation, who is not afraid to use his music to express social concerns of the society.