Kylie Minogue Net Worth 2019

Who is Kylie Minogue and what is her net worth 2019? Born Kylie Ann Minogue, she needs no introduction whatsoever! One of the most famous pop stars on the face of the planet, Kylie Minogue is synonymous with sex appeal, musical talent and great charm and finesse. She also has a sister named Danni Minogue who is famous for acting on TV and for her career as a singer as well. This tough cookie (Kylie) has even overcome cancer to retain her fabulous and glamorous lifestyle.

Early Life

Kylie Minogue was born in Melbourne, Australia on May 28, 1968. Kylie got into the music scene by working through her career as a TV actress. She is known worldwide for her hits such as “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” and “Spinning Around.” Her career began by playing “Charlene” in the well-known soap opera “Neighbours” which kicked off in the year 1986. After this she recorded a cover version of the song “The Loco-motion” which was originally recorded by the artist Little Eva.

Kylie Minogue Net Worth


She released a self-titled debut album in the year 1988 after joining the production team of Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Minogue quickly earned a global fan following with various dance-pop singles and albums.

After leaving the aforementioned production team she started making music by incorporating more of her own flavour and musical influences and released a collaboration album with Nick Cave in the year 1997. After this she released her world famous single “Spinning Around” as part of the album named “Impossible Princess” which affixed her place in the world of pop.

She is also known for being a strong individual who fought off a case of breast cancer to return back to full health. Her case brought forth a lot of awareness on the disease and brought in funding from various sources.

Kylie’s career started growing exponentially after she came out with the album “Fever” in the year 2002 with the chart-topping single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” After she recovered from her illness through the help of surgery, she released the album named “X” which was also considered a huge success.

Kylie Minogue has always been known to bring an element of colour and intense sensuality to all her music videos, which makes it all the more interesting to watch and appreciate. She has also appeared in movies such as Moulin Rouge and in 2012 she also acted in a famous French movie which was lauded by critics of the country.

Net Worth of Kylie Minogue

$105 Million is the estimated net worth of this singing sensation known the world over for her voice and beauty. She maintains her net worth by repeated album sales and musical royalties for use in movies and other works. She also makes money from concert appearances and acting in movies occasionally.

Kylie Minogue is one of those strong independent women that all girls and women should look up to as a role model. She has a successful career, has worked hard to maintain her status in her line of work and always accepts new projects with equal gusto and vigour.