Kwon Hyuk AKA Dean Net Worth

Who is Kwon Hyuk AKA Dean? What is net worth of Kwon Hyuk AKA Dean? Kwon Hyuk aka Dean was born in Hongeum-dong, Seoul on November 10, 1992. He developed an interest in American Hip Hop at very early age, as he started doing rapping in middle school and while reaching high school he has started his singing as well.

HE was not good in studies and always found ways to fled away from studies and finally he got singing as a substitute of studies. He never considered singing as an occupation. He is the first to be an artist in his family and family was very supportive towards his decision of becoming an artist. He professionally took his career at the age of 16 by performing with artist Keith Ape on HipHop. When he turned eighteen, he himself started writing tracks for K-pop starts with a pen name “Deanflenza”.

Kwon Hyuk AKA Dean Net Worth 2017-2018

He took this name from the Hollywood actor James Dean, as he is a big fame of his rebellious image. Whereas, the suffix ‘influenza’ signifies his desire of making and leaving a viral impact on music and entertainment industry. While turning twenty, he was under the tutelage of producer Hyuk Shin of Joombas Music Group. Hyuk Shin is also the CEO of the company. Dean got an opportunity to work with a team of songwriters of Los Angeles. The company which provides songs to Justin Bieber, EXO and much more.

Kwon Hyuk AKA Dean Net Worth

Dean is a South Korean alternative R&B singer. And he earned popularity for his most famous number, “I am not sorry” in which Eric Bellinger, Bonnie& Clyde did a role. Dean is having a net worth income of $0.4 million US dollars as of 2017.  He has worked with different artists, such as Korean famous artist of HipHop Zion. T, Crush, and even Junggigo on a single track 247. And soon his popularity made him a celebrity.

Kwon Hyuk aka Dean’s Assets

Dean is a young lad so he is sharing the house with his parents and family. Whereas, if we talk about his craze for such then it’s never been specified by him or any of his source. He had his all earnings from his profession of being a rapper and a songwriter.

Kwon Hyuk aka Dean’s Business Model

Dean is not a person of business. He just loves music and has an eagerness to create new and viral music. He got his success due to his craziness for music. He is the only one even first from his family to become an artist. Being an artist was never a dream for him, he only focuses on music to earn name and fame like other rappers.

He was never been happy with studies that were the reason why he searched for a substitute in singing and he never assumed that it will become his main occupation and will provide him a chance to become a celebrity. His parents also supported him in his passion and they allowed him to be an artist.

On February this year, a video preview was launched by him about his solo album. The album is a work of nearly a year of him. He has formed a single Limbo and a hand painted image looks as a reflection of the title. It has a single genre music which has a combination of jazz and R&B. Another track is ‘Come Over’, it’s a title track which has an upbeat of reminiscence regarding a past relationship. It’s considered as the top on the South Korean music tracks.

Dean is a young boy, but he surely got a lot of success in a short span of time. He is now a working, but when he was studying then he never had an interest in it. He has won many prizes and also been nominated for others. He is the young face of the industry. He is the one in his family who adopted this profession and soon become so successful that people are crazy about him. He is the heartthrob of the present generation, and young girls and boys are crazy about his music.