Kristinia DeBarge Net Worth

Who is Kristinia DeBarge? What is net worth of Kristinia DeBarge? Born on the 8th of March 1990, Kristinia Jamie DeBarge is an American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. She was a contestant on the reality show American Junior which is a spin-off of a famous reality shows American Idol. Kristinia DeBarge’s father James DeBarge is known for his song ‘All This Love’ which was released in the year 1982.

Being from a musical background, she was always related to singing somehow. She started singing at the age of 3 and from the age of 12, she started taking it seriously. She accompanied her father to recording studios which gave her the insight of how things worked in the music industry.

Kristinia DeBarge Net Worth 2017-2018

Once when she was with her father and they were recording a duet, her father realized that she was really serious about choosing singing as a career. During the summer of 2003, Kristinia DeBarge was selected as a contestant of American Junior. She was also able to make the top 20 cut, but was not able to make it into the top 10 cut.

Career: After being eliminated from American Junior Kristinia DeBarge went on to work with Kenneth Edmonds, who predominantly is a record produces. Along with that, he is also a songwriter and a singer producing over 26 R&B number one hits. He is a founder of Sodapop Records, a division of Island Def Jam records with Jeff Burrough.

Before Kristinia DeBarge was even nineteen years old, she was signed to Sodapop Records and released an album ‘Exposed’ in April 2009. Her debut single was ‘Goodbye’ from her first album, which turned out to be a success in the United States of America. The song was a 75th number on the Billboard top 100, and afterward, it went on to become number 15 on the chart. The complete album was released later that year in the month of July and was praised by many critics.

Due to the success of the album ‘Expose’, Kristinia DeBarge has also had an appearance in a Nickelodeon series ‘School Grylls’ which started airing in March of 2010. Later in 2012, she released the single ‘Cry Wolf’ which belonged to a Japan album ‘Young and Restless’. ‘Ignite’ was the next single that was released from the same album ‘Young and Restless’ which was affiliated to Manhattan Records. The song was 6th on the Japanese iTunes R&B chart and later ‘Higher’ which was another single was released.

In the year 2014, Kristinia DeBarge featured in the music video for the song ‘Let Go’ with Rudram and later they performed the same song live in one of the Finland singing contest where the song peaked the country chart and become a great success in the country. She also acted as a lead in a comedy drama musical movie that was directed, written and produced by Nick Cannon. She also made YouTube videos with Adonis Shropshire who is also a songwriter and record producer.

Kristinia DeBarge Net Worth

Kristinia DeBarge has earned a lot more than her father Jamie DeBarge did as she started at an early age and gave back to back hits really fast. She has been acting since her teenage itself, which made her an earner in her young age itself. She is only twenty-six years old and has a net worth of $2.7 Million US dollars as of 2017. This is a lot at such a less age. Believed to have a fan base of over 80 million, her records sold worldwide and earns a lot.

She also donates much of the amount of what she earns. She donates close to a hundred thousand dollars every year to the charity. There are many organizations where Kristinia DeBarge has donated a lot of dollars till today. Along with all of this, she also has a lot of ads and endorsements from where she earns a lot of money. Endorsements alone are more than 200,000 dollars an endorsement. And there are also many different advertisements in which Kristinia DeBarge features and earns money.

The estimated yearly income is close to 200,000 dollars and from ads and endorsements, it is more than 50,000 dollars. Although her main income source is her songs that are being sold. Almost every song of Kristinia DeBarge she earns almost 300,000 dollars as a signing amount irrespective of the album. When making a complete album, the income is much more than that of a single song.

At an age of 26, only Kristinia DeBarge has earned a lot of fame and love from fans and has surpassed her father in that sense. She loves doing live performances and she is one of the living music icons that the world will see emerging in the near future. She is supposed to release a lot of songs in the future, which are surely going to top the charts not only in countries like The United States of America but European countries as well as other countries.