Kortney Wilson Net Worth 2019

Who is Kortney Wilson and what is her net worth 2019? Kortney Wilson is a known name in the industry of Canadian country music. The singer-actor has been active since 2001 in the field. The Canadian-born star isn’t only a musician, but also a proper licensed real estate professional. In the year 1994, she has been spotted performing as Annie, the Broadway Musical, under the Royal City Musical Productions in the Guelph area. Then she started her career after signing a publishing deal in Nashville with the renowned Scream Music Publishing. She has allegedly worked with Reba McEntire in the year 1998 in her first deal. 2001 was the year she was launched officially by issuing two singles. Her debut album, however, remained intransitive.

Further, her highest charted single was Unbroken by You that broke her previous records. In the very year of 2001, she had made her debut in quite a few soap operas. The year 2003 turned her into a writer, where she co-created Run, Run, Run for Ryan Tyler. This is also released by Krysta Scoggins. To move further, in the year 2009, Kortney and her family starred in the reality series called Meet the Wilsons. Now, she also owns her official website.

Kortney Wilson Net Worth

As for her personal life, she met his man-love 17 years ago in England. There wasn’t much time provided for any of them before they both got married. Dave, her husband, is also in sync with her career and this has made their lives wonderful. Both acting and music fall by the wayside for both of them. In order to get their music careers going, the couple moved to Nashville.

Though the soap-operas and reality shows didn’t actually take off as expected, the growing family is now renovating their houses and the secret is their money-saving success. Moreover, the 17 years together and still ongoing couple believes in adoption and does the same in real life. In fact, Kortney is an official ambassador for the Canadian Council for Adoption. This is something she takes on a serious note and Dave seems to be supporting her passion pretty well.

Net Worth of Kortney Wilson

This country musician has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand.

As her business model, Kortney does TV shows quite a lot. Though being a musician, her acting career is on its high now. Also, her real estate business is hopefully doing well enough.

Some of the best Kortney Wilson discography and filmography to watch

The year 2001 was a busy one for Kortney with her two singles releasing. Don’t Let Me Down and Unbroken by You are her singles so far, where the former marks as her music video. She has featured as an actress in the TV Series – Masters of Flip and Meets the Wilsons. She has also been the executive producer of two TV Series – Best Thing Ever by Kortney Wilson and Wilson’s Flip Out in the years 2013 and 2011 respectively. Here, Best Thing Ever by Kortney Wilson was a short one. Moreover, she directed and wrote Best Thing Ever By Kortney Wilson series. In addition, she has appeared as herself in the following TV series.

● Masters of Flip
● Meet the Wilsons
● Kortney & Dave: By Request
● Game of Homes
● Best Thing Ever By Kortney Wilson
● Wilsons Flip Out
● Employee of the Week

However, Masters of Flip, Employee of the Week and Game of Homes were her short appearance. Not to miss out, she has also appeared as herself in the short documentary named the City of Dreams: Artists for Tennessee Flood Relief.

With all the charm she and her partner have, the home-improvement program has got its recognition. Post winning billions of hearts, now fans are expecting for a season three of Masters of Flip show. Fans of the show seemed to have liked the couple and they are happy about it. Kortney Wilson seemed to have achieved in her acting career much more than she did in her singing. Her acting career also paved the way to her directorial skills. Moreover, she has also proved herself as an executive producer.