Koffi Olomide Net Worth 2019

Who is Koffi Olomide and what is his net worth 2019? Congo born Koffi Olomide is a jazz singer specialising in soukos genre was born on 13th July 1956 in the Northeast region of Republic of Congo to a Congolese father and Sierra Leone mother. He is also a distinguished composer, arranger and producer.

Early Life

Koffi was born in a humble family in healthy atmosphere. Young Koffi was identified as prodigy in academics faring well in studies consistently. By the virtue of his well doings in studies, he earned scholarship to study in France. Olomide earned a bachelor’s degree in business economics followed by masters in Mathematics at University of France.

Koffi Olomide Net Worth

With such strong academic track record and no influences for music in his family, music was perhaps not the stream one would have expected Olomide to choose. But he was a bit of a creator of his own as he used to sing popular tunes to give them his own musical genius by altering tunes and lyrics of songs. It was then that one of his neighbours identified his talent and provided guitar coaching to him.


Koffi’s entry into the world of music was witnessed in the 70’s primarily as composer and songwriter’s role in Papa Wemba’s band Viva la Musica, he was later ascended to lead vocalist. Olomide took Congolese music forward more than ever with his band Quartier Latin International that has doled out soukous music over the years.

Both Kofi and his band have earned many fans and critical acclaims worldwide. His music is revered in Africa, Europe and even few parts of sub continent where he has small but loyal fan base. The Congolese singer is also credited with breathing life to soukous music which is also known as Tcha Tcho or slower soukous music. He gained international popularity in 1988 with his song Henriquet and Elle et Moi.

Net Worth of Koffi Olomide

Described as “Golden star”, Koffi Olomide has truly proved his worth in gold he has accumulated $20 million in his illustrious career spanning over four decades. The ascent of Koffi as singer started rapidly after he started performing solo. Koffi Olomide adds lots of weight and credibility as a singer-composer of soukous music for which he has time and again been lauded. Koffi Olomide has the prestigious Kora Award under his belt that describes him as the best African artist of the decade. He has made such financial empire with due attention given to his album Haute de Gamme: Kowet, Rive Gauche, listed as 1001 albums you must hear before you die.

Koffi Olomide is undoubtedly the pride of Congo and one of the richest African musicians to have made it big internationally and yet there are few facts known only to certain section of his fan base. They are:

• He was born as Antoine Christopie Agepa Mumba
• His mother named him Koffi for he was born on Friday.
• Koffi Olomide is proud father of seven children who have been named with unique conventions like Miss Universe, Nike, and Rocky etc.
• He has a daughter named Minou to whom he dedicated his hit song Elle at Moi.
• He has performed duets with Yakimi Kiesse and Fafa from Molokai.
• Koffi has as many as 35 names or aliases, the most by any musicians. One such alias is Makila Mabe meaning “ bad blood” or unlucky child. One of the names he attempted to adopt was Pape Noir or Black that drew flak.

Controversies and accusations have marred the inspirational Congolese musician which obviously did have bearing on his award winning singer image as well. He has frequently been charged physical assault and violent behaviour and most of the times it has been his close associates or co performers who have bore the brunt of his rowdy conduct. One such incident took place in 2008 when he was accused of assaulting at his Kinshasha concert. Though this matter was settled out of court; the case of him assaulting his producer in 2012 made the three month long suspension awarded to him inevitable.

In another grave accusation, Koffi was charged with raping three dancers although the charges were later turned down. The African singer has been respected for creating music with great passion and understanding mostly taking on the society and social conventions but Koffi has towed the once in a while. This could be testified by the fact that has latest hit single Selfie has been banned in his own country for using the word “Ekoti ke” which means “It has not entered”.