Kenny Loggins Net Worth

Kenny Loggins is a successful rock, country singer, songwriter and guitarist from the United States of America. Kenny formed his first band and named it “the Second Helping”. He also found “Loggins and Messina” band with Jimmy Messina, and for some time, he was with the rock band “The Electric Prunes”. Now, Kenny is with Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman and their band’s name is “Blue Sky Riders”.

Kenneth Clark Loggins was born on January 7th, 1948, in Everett, Washington. His parents are Lina and Robert George Loggins, first, they were living in Detroit, Michigan, and then they moved to Seattle, Washington, after that they went to Alhambra, California and managed to live and settle there.

Kenny Loggins Net Worth 2017-2018

Kenny Loggins married and divorced two times. His first marriage was in 1978 to Eva Ein, they are the parents of 2 boys, Cody and Crosby, and 1 girl, Isabella. In 1990, Kenny and Eva divorced. After 2 years, in July, 1992, Kenny married Julia Cooper, before they marry each other, she was his therapist when he had health problems.

They are the parents for Lukas, their son and Hanna, their daughter. In 1997, the couple authored a book about their relationship and named it “The Unimaginable Life”. In 2004 Julia wanted to leave, so they got divorced.

In Kenny’s early career, he co-founded the Second Helping band which released 3 successful songs. After that, he wrote songs for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, then he played as the guitarist for another band called the New Improved Electric Prunes, after that he joined a band called Gator Creek. “Loggins and Messina” started with recording 2 songs in Messina’s home and they recorded many successful albums, their last tour was in Hawaii.

After that, Kenny worked solo, his first album name is “Celebrate Me Home” which was released in 1977, and he also released 2 other albums, “Keep the Fire” and “High Adventure”. Kenny co-wrote songs with Michael McDonald and their work was successful. He also worked some songs for films, all of them were successful.

Kenny appeared in the video game “Grand Theft Auto V” as the host in a radio station and sings. He also appeared in “Archer”, an animated comedy series.

Kenny Loggins List of Solo Albums

• Celebrate Me Home (10 Tracks), (1977).
• Nightwatch (9 Tracks), (1978).
• Keep the Fire (9 Tracks), (1979).
• High Adventure (9 Tracks), (1982).
• Vox Humana (9 Tracks), (1985).
• Back to Avalon (11 Tracks), (1988).
• Leap of Faith (12 Tracks), (1991).
• Return to Pooh Corner (10 Tracks), (1994).
• The Unimaginable Life (14 Tracks), (1997).
• More Songs from Pooh Corner (11 Tracks), (2000).
• It’s About Time (10 Tracks), (2003).
• How About Now (12 Tracks), (2007).
• All Join In (14 Tracks), (2009).

How much is Kenny Loggins Net Worth in 2017

As a solo artist and a band member, Kenny went on many tours, most of them went successful. Kenny won the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for the song he co-wrote with Michael McDonald and it was used for 2 years by NBC TV channel as a theme for NCAA basketball.

In 1994, Kenny won CableACE Award for Original Song its name is “This Island Earth”, he also won Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Original Song for the same song. He also won Hollywood Film Award for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting. Along with the Awards he earned, he was nominated for many others. Kenny Loggins net worth is around $23 million US dollars as of 2017.

Kenny Loggins is now 69 years old, he lives north of Santa Barbara, California. He is now with the Blue Sky Riders band. He’s had an appearance in the famous video game “Grand Theft Auto V”. Kenny earned many Awards because of the beautiful song’s lyrics he wrote and the music composition he’s done.