Kelis Rogers Net Worth

Who is Kelis Rogers? What is net worth of Kelis Rogers? Kelis Rogers is popularly known as Kelis. She is an American singer, songwriter and chef. She was born on 21st August, 1979. Kelis introduced herself with a debut album in year 1999. The album was successful and hit internationally. After which she not looked back and released chain of albums. During the period she has been recognized with number of awards like Brit, Q, NME and Grammy. She has also excelled into singing of various types of songs.

Kelis has started recording her debut album in year 1998 and finished the same within a year. She has released her second album in year 2001. The album was successfully released in Europe, Asia and Latin America but was not released in North America. In year 2003 Kelis has received a second top ten hit in the UK as a featured artist. In year 2014 her performance at London was recorded and released as an album.

Kelis Rogers Net Worth 2017-2018

Between the years 2006 to 2010 Kelis has got training as a part time saucier. Kelis has also written a book named cookbook and also designed her own line of fashion accessories called Cake in year 2006. In year 2007 she has been featured and auditioned for various films and TV roles as well.

At the Beverly Hills Food and Wine Festival in year 2013 Kelis debuted with her other talent i.e cooking. She has introduced her Sauce line with name Feast. The same has been opened for general sale in year 2015. One of cooking channel aired a cooking TV series starring Kelis in year 2014. She has also set up a food truck to cok for attendees of the American Musical Festival.

Kelis married to Nasir Jones in year 2005. She has been dated with him for almost one year after they met at MTV Video Music Awards party in year 2002. Kelis filed for divorce in April 2009. At that moment she was of seven month pregnant. In July 2009 Kelis has given birth to a son and on the same month court has approved their divorce. The court has ordered to Nasir to pay $ 55000 per month to Kelis for child and spouse support.

Education: Kelis was born and brought up in Harlem which is neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Kelis attended a private school named as Manhattan Country School. While attending the school she also used to play violin, piano and saxophone in church choirs. Later on she went to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art. Here she formed the R&B trio BLU.

Kelis Rogers Net Worth

The estimated net worth of an American singer, song writer and chef Kelis is $4.5 million US dollars as of 2017. She has been earned this net worth as a hip hop and R&B singer. She has been marketed six million records worldwide. She has also been nominated for two Grammy Awards recently. Kelis has also been known as chef. She has started her own sauce brand which is open for sale in year 2015.

Kelis Rogers Business Model

Kelis is a popular American singer, songwriter and chef. She has been popular and commercial successful as hip hop and R&B singer. She has done a fabulous job in the field of singing and within a short period of time she reached to the height of success. Kelis is also a good chef as well. She has also introduced a line of sauce which is open for sale generally from year 2015. Kelis has also been highlighted in a cooking show on a TV cooking channel. She has also written a book named cookbook.

Kelis is a famous American singer, song writer and chef. Being from a common family background Kelis has been proved herself on the basis of her immense talent and dedication towards her work. She has been very much popular as a hip hop and R&B singer. Most of her income is also come from that only.