Kehlani Net Worth

Kehlani’s full name is Kehlani Ashley Parrish. She was born on 24th April, 1995. Kehlani is an American singer, songwriter and dancer. Currently, she has been signed and working for Atlantic Records. Kehlani is originally belongs to Oakland, California. She has become famous firstly in California as she has been part of the group who was a finalist of an America’s Got Talent.

In year 2014 she has released her first mixtape. The album was a sudden hit and was listed among complex’s 50 best albums of year 2014. Her second mixtape got 5th rank on the national hip hop chart in year 2015. Kehlani has also been nominated for Grammy Award for category Best Urban Contemporary Album. Recently on 27th January, 2017 Kehlani has released her debut studio album.

Kehlani Net Worth 2017-2018

Kehlani’s singing career has started effectively when she became a member and began the lead vocalist for the group. Within two years of formation of group they have done shows in couple of areas. They have also auditioned the sixth season of America’s Got Talent in year 2011 and ultimately finished the journey with fourth place. One of the judges of show has been applause Kehlani and said that she has immense talent and doesn’t need a group.

After the end of show Kehlani has decided to quit the group due to some issues and finally she has left the same. Post that she has not did much in singing and used to be just at home. In year 2012 and 2013 Kehlani was homeless used to move around from home to home and sleep on benches. In year 2013, Kehlani went to Los Angeles to work but again returned immediately to Oakland. Initially, to help herself with money Kehlani choose to thieving from grocery store.

Finally, she has been called by Cannon who was judge at reality show of America’s Got Talent and set up Kehlani with an apartment in Los Angeles and with studio time. From year 2014 to present Kehlani is doing fabulous towards her working. She has been launched couple of albums and also been nominated for Grammy Award as well.

Kehlani was born and bought up in Oakland, California. She has been take care and brought up by her aunt as her father was died when she was very young and her mother was used to be in prison maximum time. Since Kehlani was having interest in dance she attended Oakland School of Arts. Later on she went to Juilliard School to get dance training but suddenly she got some knee injury and she departed from dance. This move has taken her towards singing. At the age of 14 years she has been recruited for the local band.

Kehlani was in a relationship with NBA point guard K. Irving. In year 2016 March Canadian musician posted a picture of Kehlani on twitter. This has been resulted into media controversy wherein so many abusive comments on Kehlani were involved. Such negative media attention caused Kehlani to attempt for suicide. Later she took help of social media to explain that she has not cheated on Irving.

Education: Kehlani initially attended the Oakland School of Arts when she was having interest and she has been focused towards her career in dance. Later on she has also attended Juilliard School in Oakland to get better training of dance.

Kehlani Net Worth

The estimated total net worth of American R&B singer and songwriter Kehlani is $0.5 million US dollars as of 2017. The artist Kehlani came from very poor background and brought up without legal parents has worked hard and gone from a very bad phase of life. At one moment of life she was even not having a home to stay. Currently, she has been in much better position and working fabulously.

Kehlani is an American singer, songwriter and dancer. She has been quite successful as a singer. Initially her passion was towards dance but due to her knee injury she has turned up towards singing and made her career. She has been struggled a lot to achieve this success.

Being from a very poor family and brought up without legal parents its been very difficult to survive and achieve your dreams. But Kehlani has made this possible thorough her talent, hard work and dedication. She has been successful so far as a singer and the way forward is very bright too.