Johnny Orlando Net Worth

Who is Johnny Orlando? What is net worth of Johnny Orlando? Born on 24th January 2013, Johnny Orlando is the only son of his father, Dale Orlando, and mother, Meridth Orlando. He has three sisters namely, Darian Orlando, Lauren Orlando and Maddie Orlando. He was born and brought up at Mississauga, Canada. In just 14 years of age, Johnny has gained quite a good popularity and recognition by his music talent. The story of his fame is also very interesting.

Johnny used to sing leisurely while playing and doing other stuff at home. Hearing his voice and knowing about his passion towards music, his eldest sister, Darian Orlando recorded his voice and made a video from his iphone.

Johnny Orlando Net Worth 2017-2018

Later, when they found the video to be too good, they both decided to put it on YouTube just for fun. They wanted Johnny’s friends and family to see how he sings. Their parents initially didn’t want Johnny to upload his singing video but later agreed as they though nobody is going to watch it.

But to their surprise, the video went viral instantly and Johnny’s fan grew up in a large number by every passing day. After knowing the fact how talented Johnny is, his parents encourage him. Sister Darian kept a close eye on his followers and the critical remarks coming on his video.

After few months, when they got enough requests to bring another music video, Johnny and his sister shoot another one and uploaded it again on the YouTube. And as expected again it shoots up in the YouTube and got the required attention from all over the world. In such a small age they have never thought that the result of one fun activity they did in the Christmas break could be so rewarding for the family.

It opened the box of opportunities for Johnny and he starts getting offers from various musical groups and tours to join. By the end of 2015, Johnny’s fan club grew and elevated his popularity to another level. Johnny being so young, just in his teens is humble enough to respond to each of his fans individually in his initial days in the social media. This landed him to be one famous icon among his fellow age group people.

Johnny Orlando Net Worth

In just 14 years age and with the musical career of around 4-5 years, Johnny Orlando has an estimated net worth of about $0.6 million US dollars by 2017. Gaining his popularity through YouTube he managed to get a huge fan following. Other than millions of subscribers in his YouTube channel, when he got the offer to perform in some musical tours that happened in the domestic country, his net worth increases to another level and he got the charm of stardom both at the same time. No wonder in the coming days, there is a lot in store for Johnny Orlando that will definitely increase his net worth many times.

When Johnny started making musical videos just for fun with his sisters when he was only 8 years old he won’t be having any clue that these videos are going to take him to another level of success in the future. In the year 2011, Johnny and his sister Darian when made his video singing song ‘Mistletoe’ of Justin Bieber and uploaded it on YouTube for their family and friends to see but they never knew it will become so viral that lead their family to popularity, name and fame.

However, it happens and since then, Johnny got no time to look back. After adding another video of Johnny again with a Justin Bieber song raised his fan club because the song got 50,000 views. It leads him to make an entry in “Bieber-Off” contest held in America.

With his growing recognition and popularity, he attained the 18th position on Zefr Inc’s top 100 influencers list. This was one big accolade for him as his own role model Justin Bieber was in 16th position on the list. With this he got offers to make an appearance in domestic tour in 2016 with MAGCON. He left no stone turned to show his talented personality and increase his fan base. In the same year, he finally managed to release his solo “Let Go” following two other original singles. He released ‘Day and Night’ with Mackenzie Ziegler in December 2016.

In the New Year 2017, he again released another single ‘Missing You’. All his three singles got the position in top pop charts. Johnny with the huge success of every new song raised his fan numbers which can be estimated by getting the view of his 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.9 million Instagram followers. Accounting to his total fan base there is over 10 million of them including all the social networking sites and platforms.

Getting so much popularity in small age is not everyone’s cup of tea. But Johnny with the support of his sister and encouragement from his father and mother managed to get all name, fame and recognition at an early age. With the ever growing fan followers, Johnny is going to be one big heartthrob of the next generation. No wonder if we will see this upcoming star with some of the biggest hits in his musical career in the future.