Jesse McCartney Net Worth

Who is Jesse McCartney and what is his net worth 2018? The triple winner of BTVA Television Awards, Jesse McCartney has been well-appraised for his compositions since the year 1998. The US-based singer and songwriter owes a major credit for a successful career to the most popular albums “Beautiful Soul”, “Leavin” and “How Do You Sleep”.

The present net worth of Jesse McCartney is undoubtedly the outcome of sheer hard work and dedication. Jesse is reported to start his career with the Dream Street from the year 1999. Henceforth, he went on to establish his solo career by opting for Dillion Kondor on the guitar cover, Peter Chema for bass, Katie Spencer with the keyboards, Alex Russeku for the drums, Karina LaGravinese and Sharisse Francisco as the supporting vocalists. Hence, let us all swivel over the journey of Jesse McCartney leading to the praiseworthy present net worth.

Jesse McCartney Net Worth

Born on the 9th of April in 1987, Jesse was brought up in Westchester, New York, by parents Ginger Sarber and Scott McCartney. From the tender age of seven, he had exposed himself to the music world via local bands. Three years later he had also collaborated with “The King and I”, where he had earned the opportunity to work with Ricky Ullman.

Jesse had actively begun his career from the year 1998 via the popular band of Dream Street. However, his solo career was established from the year 2003 by releasing his first album comprising three songs namely, “Beautiful Soul”, “Don’t You”, and “Why Don’t You Kiss Her”. A year later, his duet performance with Anne Hathaway in “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was highlighted on Ella Enchanted soundtrack.

After his well-appraised album of Beautiful Soul, his second solo “Right Where You Want Me” had also earned immense global recognition. This had thoroughly portrayed his growth in the music world and was acknowledged on the number 14 of Billboard 200.

His career started escalating unstoppably after his contribution to the world of Disney in the soundtracks of “That’s So Raven”, “Disneymania2”,” A Cinderella Story”, “Disney Mania4”, “Hannah Montana”, “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” and the popular series of “Radio Disney Jingle Jams”.

In 2007, Jesse along with Ryan Tedder co-produced a song for the debut album of Leona Lewis, which was ultimately nominated for the 2009 Grammy Awards. A year later, he had released his third album “Departure” which was numbered 14 by Billboard 200. The major hit catering him immense popularity happens to be his prime single “Leavin’”, which was charted at number 10 of the Billboard 200.

In 2009, McCartney again released the album as “Departure: Recharged” which comprised a total of four hits, “Body Language”, Crash & Burn”, “Oxygen”, “In My Veins” and a remix version of “How Do You Sleep”. As a setback, Jesse’s fourth solo album “Have It All” was originally scheduled to be released in 2010. However, due to various controversial reasons, it was never officially released. In its place, “In Technicolor”, released on the 22nd of July 2004 has been honoured as his fourth album.

Besides, Jesse is also appreciated on the silver screen owing to many major roles played by him on the television front as well as in the movies.

Jesse McCartney was honoured with the Young Artist Awards in 2001 and 2002. Henceforth, with his succeeding career he had also won the Teen Choice Awards (2005), Gliggoni Award (2010), and Behind The Voice Awards twice in the year 2013 and once again in the year 2004. Apart from this, he was also nominated for the Soap Opera Digest Awards (2001), Online Film & Television Association (2012), MTV Video Music Awards (2005), Kid’s Choice Awards, Australia (2005) and the prestigious Daytime Emmy Awards (2001, 2002).

Jesse McCartney Net Worth

The thirty years old American singer, songwriter, composer and actor has earned immense fame and appreciation for his classic singles. The debut album of Jesse was tagged platinum in the year 2005. Apart from this, the major share of his success owes thorough credit to Beautiful Soul and Right Where You Want Me, which has eventually led to the net worth of Jesse McCartney to reach a hooting amount $10 Million.

Jesse is well-appraised for his acting skills apart from his contributions to the music world. He was featured in The Christmas Carol as Adam Jr., Summerland, and many more. Besides, he has also voiced up in the famous series of Alvin and the Chipmunks since the year 2007 and Tinker Bell in 2008.