Jerry Lee Lewis Net Worth 2019

Who is Jerry Lee Lewis and what is his net worth 2019? Jerry Lee Lewis also dubbed as The Killer is famous as singer-songwriter, musician, and pianist. Being a maestro in the fields, he still goes strong even if the age isn’t his side. Rock and Roll music and rockabilly music being his one of the famous works, he is known for recordings of “Crazy Arm” in 1956 and “Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On” in 1956 which altogether sold millions of copies worldwide. These recordings made up his fame worldwide over a night.

Early Life

Born on 29th September 1935 in Louisiana to a poor family of Elmo and Mamie. In his youth, watching his cousins playing piano, he himself got attracted towards the music. Seeing budding musician, his parents mortgaged their farm to buy him a piano.

Jerry Lee Lewis Net Worth

The older cousin already having a good hand on the piano, he learned the basics from him and was also influenced from the radio. He named Moon Mullican as his inspiration for his latter uprising.

The legend has been married to seven different women. His first marriage ended up in the span of only 20 months. The subsequent marriages did last longer than the first one with one exception of his fifth marriage which lasted just 77 days. Shawn Stephens who was Jerry’s fifth wife died just after being married to him.

All along his marriages, Jerry had six children altogether. Of all the children, Steve Allen Lewis drowned in a swimming pool accident when he was 3 and Jerry Lee Lewis Jr died in a jeep accident when the vehicle overturned on him. So, by equation, there are four people, two sons and two daughters who have the legend’s blood in them.


His career is spanned for more than 6 decades. With his professional career starting in 1954, the artist has his recordings coming out till 2014.

In 1956 the young artist travelled to Memphis, Tennessee to audition his talents on Sun records. The lad got selected and was offered a contract from where the history was created. His piano skills can be heard in the recordings of other artists like Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.

With many recordings creating history with the Sun records, his contract with them ended in 1963. With the contract expiring, Jerry contracted with Smash Records through which he rolled out some rock music. But due to some reason, the career was stuck to a limit. Frustrated, Jerry made a comeback in country music. “Another place, another time” a song sung by him, made its way to the top of the charts in that era.

Along with Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison, Jerry received a Grammy is the spoken category. With 47 singles and 22 albums, Jerry was awarded the star in the Hollywood Boulevard and Hollywood Hall of Fame in 1989. His duet CD, “Last Man standing” sold over 500,000 copies worldwide in 2006. This album was the most sold album of his.

Jerry even shoot up to number 1 spot in the category of Top Twenty Pop, Jukebox Rock and Country in the US and UK charts.

Net Worth of Jerry Lee Lewis

With such bright and heavily profiled career the artist stands on a net worth of near about $17 million. With over 60 years contribution to the music industry, he still is going strong with mentoring many artist under him for guidance.

The Killer is regarded as one of the most successful and influential singer, composer and musician of all time. He represents the face of origination of rock music era.