James Blunt Net Worth

Who is James Blunt and what is his net worth 2018? James Blunt is a well-known singer and songwriter from England. He also served in the British Army for 6 years. James earned many awards for his outstanding performance and contribution to the music including Brit Award for Pop Act, Brit Award for British Male Solo Artist, MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video and MTV Video Music Award for Best Cinematography for his song, “You’re Beautiful”.

James Hillier Blount was born on February 22, 1974 in Tidworth, Hampshire, England. His father, Charles Blount was a colonel for the Army Air Corps and a helicopter pilot, and his mother is Jane Blount. James grew up in northwest Hampshire, England. He has 2 sisters, Emily Blount and Daisy Blount. James also gained a pilot license when he was 16. Almost all his family either was or had an interest in military services. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc (Hons) in Sociology, and in 2016, he received Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music from the same university.

James Blunt Net Worth 2018-2019

James Blunt had relationships with many girls including the singer Camilla Boler, the Czech Model Petra Nemcova, and the artist Natasha Archadale. Rumors also say that he had some time with the American singer Jessica Sutta, and the American famous businesswoman Paris Hilton. On September 6th, 2014 James married the socialite Sofia Wellesley in Spain. The couple don’t have any children yet, but they said in 2015 that they are expecting.

James Blunt musical career started when he was a child, he was learning the piano and violin then guitar. James started recording his first album in 2003, it was released in 2004, he named it “Back to Bedlam” and it has 10 songs, then he started going on concerts and his fans started growing really quick.

His song, You’re Beautiful from the first album ranked on top 12 in the United Kingdom, after a few months his album ranked first on the United Kingdom albums chart. Back then, he received the Ivor Novello Award for Most Performed Work. People across the whole world listened to his song, “You’re Beautiful”, and it’s considered as one of the most famous songs worldwide. The song also was featured in TV films and advertising campaigns.

James Blunt after the tremendous success with his first album, he released his second album in 2007 called, All the Lost Souls, and again it gained a lot of attraction and was sold for millions of copies worldwide. He released more albums and all of them were successful. James went on many worldwide tours and everyone loves to go to his concerts.

James Blunt Net Worth

James Blunt albums were sold and are still selling many copies around the whole world. His first album, Back to Bedlam made more 11 million copies with an estimated earnings of 12 million US dollars. His second album, All the Lost Souls made more than 200 thousand copies with an estimated earnings of 3 million US dollars. James Blunt has a net worth of around $20 million.

List of Albums by James Blunt

• Back to Bedlam (10 Tracks), (2004)
• All the Lost Souls (11 Tracks), (2007)
• Some Kind of Trouble (12 Tracks), (2010)
• Moon Landing (11 Tracks), (2013)
• The Afterlove (13 Tracks), (2017)

James Blunt is a worldwide famous singer from England. People still listen to the first album he recorded and released, which was in 2004. James Blunt has been living with his wife, Sofia Wellesley since they got married in 2014.