James Arthur Net Worth 2018

Who is James Arthur and what is his net worth 2018? James Andrew Arthur, an English songwriter, singer, and X-factor winner was born in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England on 2 March 1988. He is best known for his winning in 9th series of X-factor and his debut song ‘Impossible’ by Syco music which won four awards internationally.

Over 1.6 million copies were sold after the first week of released making it the single song of the year along with many other awards. Moreover, he has been a part of many music bands such as Cue the Drama, Save Arcade, and Emerald Skye.

James Arthur Net Worth

After than Arthur signed another album with Columbia studios in 2016 and launched his second album called the ‘Back from the Edge’ and after he switched back to Syco music reason Unknown. He has also been part of many rumors and controversies hovering around.

Net Worth of James Arthur

After winning the X-Factor it is obvious that his net worth increased considerably for producing music under contract with recording studios like Syco and Columbia. The estimated net worth of James Arthur is whopping $5.5 million with the annual salary of $900,000.

His kinds of music such as James Arthur Tour earned him $116,660 US dollars, in The X Factor Live Tour he made $562,500 US dollars and for James Arthur, he earned $82,353. Though lion shares of his net worth increased after his winning performance in the X-factor.

The X-Factor winner James Arthur Having millions in the bank and having an annual salary in millions give you the ability to buy anything and when you holding the golden position of celebrity it will an essential for you to have a great test of expensive cars and luxurious house.

James Andrew Arthur is the son of a Scottish father, Neil Arthur and Shirley Ashworth an English mother. His father worked a musician and DJ for a handful of years, while his mother was an ex-fashion model. Her parents were divorced when James was only one year old and settled with different partners.

James is a brother of five siblings, four sisters and one brother. Even after splitting up, his parents managed to show up together on his Audition. When it comes to a relationship, Arthur is currently single and having no child. Though when it comes to his early love life, there are no official details about it.

The X-factor winner James Arthur was nominated for many awards and won many of them too. Here is the list of awards he won.

1. He won British Single of the Year from BRIT awards in 2013.
2. For his creation ‘Impossible’ he won Best International Song from Los Premios 40 Principales in 2013.
3. International Breakthrough of the Year from NRJ Music Awards, 2013
4. For his work ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ he won British Single of the Year and British Artist Video of the Year from BRIT awards in 2017.

James Andrew Arthus, the X-factor winner was nominated for many awards in X-factor and after gaining worldwide attention. He won many awards for his work like Impossible and the Truth. There is a lot to see for him and future his going it seems like future is holding the best for him.