Jahméne Douglas Net Worth 2018

Who is Jahméne Douglas and what is his net worth 2018? Jahméne Douglas was born in February 1991 in Birmingham and he was former ASDA employee from Wiltshire. He was a runner-up in X-factor where he struggled with confidence. After boot camp, he advanced to judge’s houses, and that was a breaking point in his further career because he impressed Nicole Scherzinger with his interpretation of “Titanium”. Even though he has personal issues, because he never had a girlfriend before, he sang amazing and won people hearts.

He rose to fame with his appearance on The X Factor and with impressive first album “Love Never Fails”. On 2012, he auditioned for The X Factor and he sang “At Last” from Etta James with so powerful and beautiful voice that all judges were impressed. When he advanced to judge’s houses he made an impression on Nichole Scherzinger and made it live show. He fought through the end with James Arthur and he finished the competition in second place.

Jahméne Aaron Douglas Net Worth

In 2012 he signed a record deal with Sony and announced his debut album “Love Never Fails” which immediately became number one in UK chart and it also included a duet with Nichole Scherzinger and Stevie Wonder. Also, he also released a single that was included on the album, a cover song from David Guetta’s “Titanium”. Then the worldwide tour began with The Collective, Novita Devi, and Samantha Jade. “Titanium” was number one in Indonesia.

After the first album, he signed another contract and announced his second album for 2016.

Net Worth of Jahméne Douglas

He has a net worth of $2 million. Jahmene Douglas is a purified Christian with many participates in various charities. He became popular when he won second place of The X Factor. He went straight to number one conquering One Direction and other singles from already famous artists. Singer with a soulful voice, the one who stacked shelves in ASDA in order to find a frame for ITV show, now is a full-time celebrity with perfect cover versions album “Love Never Fails”, that knocked Robin Thicke from first place. This great album also includes a duet with his mentor from The X Factor Nicole Scherzinger, so we can be assured that his future is now certain.

When he released the second album, Unfathomable Phantasmagoria, on September 2016 the album knocked everyone around. It features 16 tracks where he debuts with his songwriting possibilities. Also, Samuel L. Jackson was a voice actor for this project. He had met Jackson back in 2012 when he was invited by Samuel to sing at a charity. He voiced over the intro of the album with a Bible verse of Corinthians and Galatians as a bridge between the hit single “Is This the Time”. Also, he includes a song “I Wish”, written by Diane Warren as an anthem to the charity Peace One Day.

This album is a mixture of Rhythm and Blues, gospel and signature soul sound from Jahméne Douglas with an excellent team of professional songwriters such as Andrea Martin, Stanley Brown, Electric, Jim Beanz and Diane Warren. This time he had more creative control in comparison with the first, and every aspect was controlled. He was asked for songwriting, sound, artwork and he was also responsible for a title. In a physical copy of album has his own poem hidden somewhere inside entitled “Shadow Serpent”.

He was born in Birmingham to parents from whom he suffered domestic violence such as physical and mental abuse. His mother has written a successful book that was called “You Can’t Run” about the justice system and her past experience with an abusive partner. He has Welsh, English, and Caribbean heritage and also, he was appointed as the first youth ambassador of Women’s Aid for young people and children in the UK.

His relationship with faith is open and maybe a little radical. In the first album, the title “Love Never Fails” is part of Corinthians 13, his favourite passage. The idea of the album was a spiritual twist that could help people understands what true love is.

Jahméne Douglas is a perfect example of breaking star from which we could expect more than he already achieved. At the end, it doesn’t matter if he was first or second, but the possibility to succeed after the show. He showed to the world that he was just a falling star from the reality show. We can expect from him more beautiful and creative album that could affect his average net worth.