Jackie Evancho Net Worth 2019

Who Is Jackie Evancho and what is her net worth 2019? Other than actors and actresses, the entertainment industry has a lot more to offer. There are various musicians that have made it to the top and have been able to carve out a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry because of their vocals. This is a good thing because it brings diversity in the entertainment sector. With all the amazing musicians we have across the world, America has some of the best among them all. We can, therefore, conclude that America is a nurturer of talent and greatness. This is because there are many talented artists in all fields that have been given the chance to be the stars that they are today.

Early Life

One of these great musicians we have is our one and only Jackie Evancho. Jacqueline Marie Evancho was born in the year 2000 in the month of April. She is a singer who is well known for her angelic voice and soothing lyrics. As a classical crossover artist, she has gained fame over the years because of the various hit songs she has made that have even topped the Billboard 200 charts. Her mother is called Lisa and her father is called Michael Evancho.

Jackie Evancho Net Worth

They have supportive parents to her as well as her siblings and particularly her sister Juliet who is a transgender. She is from a Catholic background and they stay at Pittsburg in the suburbs. Jackie has been switching between Pine-Richland School District and Cyber Schooling so that she can keep up with her busy schedule. Even so, she is doing great at both.


Evancho’s career started when she caught the attention of David Foster who is a record producer. This was back in 2009 when she went to the show to audition called ‘Hitman Talent Search Contest.’ She was accepted and finished as a runner-up. Even so, she has already made a mark and she later performed in David’s concert at the Prudential Center. Evancho also featured in America’s Got Talent after a few failures to be accepted. When she made it, she amazed people with her voice.

Some others could not believe that it was her real voice when she performed the aria ‘O mio babbino caro.’ Even so, the issue was addressed when she did an impromptu vocal show and everyone believed her. She did not win but this shocked everyone else more than it shocked her because everyone attested to the fact that she had what it takes. Ever since that great career breakthrough, Evancho has released a number of her own albums namely O Holy Night, Dream with Me, Heavenly Christmas, and Two Hearts.

Other than just singing, Evancho has some acting talent hidden in her. She has featured in a theatrical performance of a Musical and she was amazing. Due to her outstanding performances and her glorious vocals, Evancho has won the hearts of many people and she has a massive followership of fans that really love and adore her.

Net Worth of Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho’s net worth is estimated be $2.6 million. This is from her albums, her concerts, her live tours, and many other avenues. This is expected to rise over the years.

I know that she deserves what she is getting and even more. For a girl her age with the talent she has, she will be nothing less than great in the coming years. Watch out for Evancho because she is a force to reckon with.