Huey Lewis Net Worth

Huey Lewis is an American singer, actor and a songwriter. He is majorly known for his work for his band ‘Huey Lewis and the News’, where he is the lead singer and the harmonica player. His career began in the year 1967 and has been elevating ever since. He is one of the most popular singers in the American history and is an icon in Hollywood. His remarkable work in the industry is well respected and valued. In his career as a singer and a songwriter, he achieved pinnacles of success and stardom.

Hugh Anthony Cregg III, known commonly by his professional name Huey Lewis, was born on 5 July 1950 in the city of New York, United States. His father was Irish American while his mother was Warsaw, i.e., Polish. His mother is Maria Magdalena and father is Hugh Anthony Cregg Jr. Lewis grew up in Marin County, California and lived in Strawberry and Tam Valley. His education was given in Strawberry Point Elementary School and Edna Maguire Junior High School in Mill Valley.

Huey Lewis Net Worth 2017-2018

Later, his parents separated when he was 13. He then graduated from Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Apart from being a musician, he is also a baseball player and in 1967, he managed to get 800 in the math section of SAT.

Lewis lives in Stevensville, Montana which is considered to be his permanent address. In 1983, he married Sidney Conroy in Hawaii, who turned out to be his manager’s secretary. But six years after the marriage, they separated. Apart from this, Lewis has a son, Austin and a daughter, Kelly.

Huey Lewis’ career began its journey when he joined the Bay Area band ‘Clover’ in the year 1971. In the band, he used to play harmonica and sung lead vocals. But with limited success in Bay Area, the band moved to LA. In 1978, Clover separated and Lewis began playing Harmonica on Thin Lizzy’s landmark album ‘Live and Dangerous’. Later that year, a new band under the name of ‘Huey Lewis and the American Express’ was formed and achieved success with album ‘Picture This’ in 1982.

The band achieved tremendous success with the best-selling album ‘Sports’ which came out in 1983. Later, in the year 1985, Lewis made a song ‘The Power of Love’ which became the US no. 1 and featured in the American blockbuster ‘Back to the Future’. Since then, he became a brand in the industry and achieved new heights.

How much is Huey Lewis Net Worth in 2017

Having achieved such tremendous success in the music industry and Hollywood, the man became an icon. His music wasn’t only loved in the country but in the whole world. This success brought the man with a lot of stardom and money. The album ‘Sports’ by his band was a best-seller and topped several charts worldwide. Apart from this, Lewis has featured in several of Hollywood movies as well. With all this, Huey Lewis’ net worth is estimated to be around $23 million US dollars as of 2017.

Huey Lewis, with his impeccable work in the music and Hollywood industry, has become an icon and a legend to admire. His work is not only admired but is respected around the world. His work has only made people love him more and more.