Graham Nash Net Worth 2019

Who is Graham Nash and what is his net worth 218? Graham Nash is a British-American singer. He is not only an awesome singer he is also a great lyricist. His voice is loved by all because of the light tenor. He has been members of a number of bands in both United Kingdom and United States. He holds the citizenship of both United Kingdom and United States.

Early Life

Graham William Nash commonly known as Graham Nash is a British- American singer. He was born on 2nd February 1942 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Most of the people know him by his voice but he is a great lyricist also. The song he has sung, the words he has given to a tune is unforgettable. He is one of the great contributing artists of the world of music. Not only a great personality of the world of music, he has left his trails in the world of photography also.

Graham Nash Net Worth

His collection of photos is still displayed in the San Francisco Art Exchange. He has been married twice. He got married to Rose Eccles in the year 1964 but unfortunately this marriage couldn’t last long. They both ended up this marriage in 1966. Later Nash got married to Susan Sennett. This marriage last long but could not last lifelong. He ended up this marriage in 2016 and moved to New York.


He started his career with band made with some of his friends. They named their group as The Hollies, later this becomes one of the most successful pop bands in United Kingdom. The first released album of this band the known as Group Leader. Some of the albums could get Nash’s voice as the lead voice.

Some of the albums where he was the lead vocal are Just One Look, To You My Love etc. He has been a part of a number of bands like The Hollies, Folk-Rock, Crosby and Stills & Nash etc. He holds a honorary doctorate degree from the New York Institute of Technology. University of Salford and Lasley University has also offered honorary doctorate degree to Graham Nash.

Net Worth of Graham Nash

He has earned a lot of love and respect from his fans. His marvellous voice also has attracted a huge amount of money. Graham Nash has a net worth of $20 million. He has also achieved a number of awards that are priceless for him. Money cannot rate any talent. The love and respect from his fans is the most precious thing that he has earned.

The above mentioned details about Graham Nash conclude that, he has a very colorful life. You can find varieties in every stage of his life. He holds the citizenship of two popular countries of the world. His personal life contains varieties of beautiful women. Not only two marriages he has gone through two more short term relationships that didn’t lead to marriage. He has written name of a number of bands in his career. He is still running with a great life, we hope that last till end.