Gerald Levert Net Worth

Who was Gerald Levert and what is his net worth? The late American singer-songwriter actor, Gerald Edward Levert, best known for his works on the gold records of the R&B/Soul group, LeVert, and as a solo artist, was born on July 13, 1966. Levert was awarded a posthumous Grammy award for the Best Traditional R&B Performance for his last solo record, In My Songs, in 2008.

Gerald Levert was born in a music family to Eddie Levert, the lead vocalist of the Ohio based R&B band, The O’Jays, and mother, Martha, in Philadelphia. He grew up with a younger brother, Sean Levert, with whom he would start the band, LeVert, along with their long time friend, Marc Gordon. Throughout his childhood, Gerald was extremely influenced by his father’s music career and tagged along on every tour, hence, developing a strong affection for the ins and outs of being a musician. Gerald approached Sean with the idea of LeVert in high school, making his future life goals crystal clear.

Gerald Levert Net Worth

Gerald Levert never married and had three children, LeMicah, Camryn, and Carlysia, from three different women. Carlysia came out as a budding and aspiring singer when she made an appearance on the MTV Series, My Super Sweet 16.

Emerging onto the music scene of the 80s as a member of the R&B vocal group, LeVert, with the debut album, I Get Hot, Gerald’s vocals on the majority of the tracks were compared with the gratifying vocal ability of his father, Eddie Levert. The band’s breakthrough arrived with the release of their studio full-length album, The Big Throwdown, in 1987 which went on to be certified as a Gold record.

The follow-up albums, Just Coolin’ (1988), Rope a Dope Style (1990), and For Real Tho’ (1993), all were critically acclaimed and certified Gold Records. It was around 1990 when Gerald Levert began working on his first solo record, Private Line, which was eventually, released under the East West Records label in 1991 and topped the US R&B charts. In 1992, the world witnessed the first of the many collaborations of Gerald with his father, Eddie Levert, to record the hit single, Baby Hold On to Me.

Gerald’s follow-up record, Groove On, along with Private Line were both Platinum selling records in the USA. He collaborated for the second time with Eddie Levert but this time for a full-length record titled “Father and Son” in the year 1995 which also turned Gold upon three weeks of its release. Post the breakup of the group LeVert, Gerald put out another Platinum selling record, Love and Consequences, ending his three-year hiatus in July of 1998.

The Gold Record, G, was Gerald’s last album that he released under the East West label. Signing with Elektra Records, Gerald released the albums, Gerald’s Spot (2000), The G Spot (2002), Stroke Of Genius (2003), Do I Speak For The World (2004), and a compilation album, Voices (2005).

Gerald’s Grammy award winning album, In My Songs, was released in 2007 under the Atlantic Records label.

Gerald Levert has been nominated for 3 American Music Awards in 1988, 1993, and 1999. He was posthumously nominated for two BET Awards in 2007 out of which he won one. Having received 4 Grammy nominations throughout his career, he was awarded a posthumous award for In My Songs in 2007.

Gerald Levert Net Worth

Following the death of the R&B star, a huge legal dispute occurred among the family members concerning the will which had an amount of $2 Million left behind in assets and belongings. The royalty and copyright monetary amount was never disclosed. In 2007, the singer was estimated to have a net worth of $5 Million.

The American soul/R&B musician, who transformed the R&B music scene of the 80s with his sweet and velvet voice and unmatchable songwriting skills, continues to stay in the hearts of his fans through his extensive catalog of timeless songs.