Ellie Goulding Net Worth 2019

Who is Ellie Goulding and what is her net worth 2019? Elena Jane Goulding, nicknamed Ellie, was born on December 31, 1986, in the small town of Lyonshall, Herefordshire, England to Arthur and Tracey Golding. She was the second of four children, her other siblings being a brother and two sisters. When she was five years of age, her parents separated. Her mother later married a lorry driver, an individual Ellie never liked.

Early Life

Her interest in music began when she was nine years old when she started playing the clarinet and then she began playing the guitar and writing music at around age 14/15. In high school, she was involved in the theater where she played the role of the Scarecrow in the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. She also entered a singing competition while in University, which she won.

Ellie Goulding Net Worth

While still going to University, Jamie Lillywhite of Turn First Artists spotted her during a talent contest. After successfully performing for Sarah Stennett, the Turn First Head, she took a recommended break from University to pursue her music career and Lillywhite became her manager. Ellie was late introduced to the producer Starsmith who became the primary producer of “Lights,” her debut album in 2010.


The “Lights” single itself sold over five million copies. Before that album, though, in 2009 Polymer Records released her debut single “Under the Sheets” after signing a recording contract with them. Other singles that followed included “Wish I Stayed” and “Guns and Horses.”

In 2010, Ellie won the Critics’ Choice award at the BRIT Awards. This propelled her debut album to the top of the U.K. Albums Chart. “Run into the Light” was an EP that she released further down in 2010. “Lights” was re-released as “Bright Lights” in November 2010 with six additional tracks. Ellie covered Elton John’s “Your Song” on that album, a song that gave her the highest charting single for her up until now, levelling out in the second spot.

In 2012, she released another album called “Halcyon” and then in 2013 an updated version of that album called “Halcyon Days” was released. The updated version had ten additional tracks. In 2014, Ellie won the Best British Female Solo Artist award at the BRIT Awards.

Her career continued its upward movement with the release of yet another album in 2015 called “Delirium.” The album contained the song “Love Me like You Do” which was used in the soundtrack of the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” So far, she has embarked on three solo tours, namely “The Lights Tour,” “The Halcyon Days Tour,” and the “Delirium World Tour.” In early 2016, Goulding announced that she was taking a break from music, having been at it for seven consecutive years without a break.

Some of her known relatives are actor Jeremy Irvine, DJ Greg James, DJ and producer Skrillex, singer Ed Sheeran, and musician Dougie Poynter. Ellie is still single. As a health-conscious individual, she went vegan in 2014. As a fitness enthusiast, she exercises daily to keep herself in shape.

Education: There were a number of educational institutions that Ellie attended. They include Lady Hawkins’ High School in Kington, Herefordshire, England and Hereford Sixth Form College in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. She also attended the University of Kent where she studied drama, politics, and English.

Net Worth of Ellie Goulding

It is estimated that Ellie Goulding has a net worth of approximately $25 million. Her finances come from music sales, endorsements, as well as from the parts she played in movies like:

Ellie – $166,667
Halcyon Days – $125,000
Halcyon – $114,286
Lights – $102,564
Bright Lights – $86,957

Even though Ellie claims to live off $10 a day, she has enough money to splurge on the things that she owns. Interestingly enough, she does not own a car. She does, however, have a lovely place to call home. The luxury home, located in South London, costs an estimated £6 million. It has six bedrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining area, two lounges, and an indoor swimming pool.

Ellie is making some good money from the upstart Spotify. So far, she has made well over $400,000 from the single “Burn.” She also works with the upstart Kobalt, a company that “collects revenues for artists and songwriters, working with the likes of Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube to ensure that its clients get their fair share of the online loot.” In 2016, she decided to dissolve the limited company, Starry Eyed Touring Ltd. that deals with the income from her tours. She stands to make some £2.9 million once the process has been completed.

Ellie is a very bright young woman who has a lot of spunk and vibrancy that helps her to deliver great performances every time. The fact that quite a number of her songs are well-known shows that she has been well-received by her fans. As an accomplished singer, songwriter, and record producer, she has many years of singing ahead of her. As long as she continues doing what she does best, she will continue to excel in her profession.