Don Jazzy Net Worth

Who is Don Jazzy and what is his net worth 2018? Don Jazzy is a very famous Nigerian record producer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is one of the rare musicians who had a superb education and used that along with his passion for music to open record companies and labels and earn millions from them. Some of the best rappers in the industry are from the African and Nigerian scene and Don Jazzy is not an exception. His birth name is Michael Collins Ajereh and he was born in Lagos State.

Michael Collins was born on November 26, 1982, in Ajegunle, Lagos, which is also where he was raised. He attended school in Lagos as well. He went to the Federal Government College, Lagos, which was a co-ed school. At the mere age of 12, Michael developed an interest in hip-hop music and he started playing bass guitar. He later studied many other instruments and by the time he finished high school, he had mastered a lot of traditional and percussion instruments.

Don Jazzy Net Worth 2018-2019

After high school, Michael enrolled in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State for his business management studies. After his completion of his college and education, he trained himself daily in various instruments and his rapping abilities. In 2000, Michael Collins moved to London on the invitation from his uncle who wanted him to play the drums at his church. Michael readily agreed and moved to London, finding a job at a McDonald’s as a security guard. While in London, he learned to produce skills from his new found friends at Emeka Infiniti from the O-Town Record Company.

Michael Collins’ professional career as Don Jazzy began in 2004 when he started collaborating with D’banj to start a production label, Mo’Hits Records. The next couple of years were very hectic for the both of them as they were working on releasing albums under the Mo’Hits label. Don Jazzy released two albums in the next two years titled No Long Thing and Rundown Funk You Up. He had also started work on a third album, which would be titled Curriculum Vitae.

Apart from creating a name for himself as Don Jazzy, he had also created an intro for his albums which went ‘It’s Don Jazzy again!’ This mads his song immediately recognisable by everyone and his fans were very pleased with his style of music.

In 2008, Don Jazzy would reach new height after the release of the album Mushin Mo’Hits by Wande Coals, which was in collaboration with Don Jazzy’s record production company. This album was widely renowned and often referred to as the best album to come out of Nigeria and Don Jazzy had ridden on its popularity.

However, this partnership would not last long as Don Jazzy and D’Banj went their own ways and breaking off the partnership saying there were many artistic differences and that they both could no longer continue together. Not one to be discouraged, Don Jazzy started his new production company Marvin Records in May 2012, two months after the breakup of Mo’Hits.

Don Jazzy Net Worth

Apart from being a simple music producer, Don Jazzy used the skills he learned in the business management course he did in college to build up a company and make it very successful thereby amassing a huge net worth. Of all of his assets, one stands out and that is his Gold-plated Bentley Flying Spur. The Flying spurs by itself are more than $200,000 and a gold plated car may well be close to half a million dollars!

Don Jazzy leads a lavish lifestyle that gives justice to his $40 million claimed net worth. His gold plated Bentley flying Spur sure helps him to show off his immense wealth.

Don Jazzy is one of those clever ones that come along once in a lifetime. He used his education to create a market for himself and open a record company that would be in collaboration with all the top artists making sure it would mint him money. Don Jazzy is an inspiration to all of those who have a leaning towards the music industry, but is unsure of whether they can make a living out of their passion!