Daya Net Worth

Who is Daya? What is net worth of Daya? Grace Martine Tandon also known as Daya is becoming famous at an exponential rate after a super hit album with the Chain-smokers. Grace was born on 24th October 1998 and at such a small age, she has done wonders to her career. She was born in the town of Pittsburg in Pennsylvania. The American singer has achieved many labels to her recording and has connected herself with many recorders such as Artbeatz, Z Entertainment, and Red Distribution. Later, she has also recorded her own extended playlist under the name of Daya.

The album was at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 which gained her fame. She did a song with The Chainsmokers, which won her a Grammy in the year 2016. She won it for the best Dancing. Daya was born with an Indian background. Her grandfather was an Indian and lived along with him in the town in Pennsylvania. When Daya were 3 years old, she started learning piano, which she then shifted to jazz piano when she was 11 years old.

Daya AKA Grace Martine Tandon Net Worth 2017-2018

At the same age, she got admitted to Accelerando Music Conservatory where she met a songwriter named Gino Barletta who was a lecturer at the center. The owner of the school Christina and the songwriter Gino invited Daya to Los Angeles in the year 2016 where she was asked to work on her original songs. This is where her journey as a hit singer began.

Daya Net Worth

Daya has kept on progressing after its first album launch in the year of 2016. She has grabbed opportunities to record songs with eminent recordists and also has bagged an opportunity to perform for The Obamas. Yes, Daya and her family were invited to The White House to perform for Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on Easter Egg Roll celebrations. She is listed in the Forbes Magazine for being one of the most successful artists in under 30 category.

In the year 2017, the net worth of Daya is around $4.5 million US dollars. After many hit albums and hitting the Billboard Top 100, it has always been a jackpot for the artist. But along with this, she has been working very hard along with the associates and her company to make sure that she retains her career on the right path and achieve more fame and success with her work.

Daya Business Model

Daya was associated with his mentors Christina and Gino who groomed her to be a rising sensation since she was 13 years old. They made sure that every aspect of her being a pop star is taken care of worked on that way. Gino had written the song ‘Hide Away’ and was looking for a singer to record it. Soon realizing Daya was the right choice. They signed Daya for their company Artzbeat and her first song was recorded. Artzbeat and Z Entertainment had Daya as their first choice to record their music and thereby the artist and the company earning money and fame at the same time.

Daya has been making music since the year 2016 after she graduated. She was invited by her mentors to Los Angeles to make her original songs. In the year 2016, she made a debut in the industry on her own by launching her album named Daya. Soundtracks such as Sit Still, Look Pretty have also made it to the top positions in the Billboard. Hide Away was another single that was launched by Daya that scored a position number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2017, she won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for the song she did with The Chainsmokers. The song was called ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and Daya was the playback singer for the vocals where music was given by The Chainsmokers.

Daya has been involving herself in a lot of work for the betterment of the society. Recently, there was a fundraiser event for the cancer patients where the celebrity who were foodies and loved to cook, gathered and served to the audience. Daya has also performed a Zedd Mashup along with her best friends Alessia Cara and Hailee Seinfeld. Daya has been nominated for the Grammy for this year. Her new single ‘Words’ were also performed by her on the television show named TODAY.