David Draiman Net Worth

Who is David Draiman and what is his net worth 2018? David Draiman is recognised as an American based songwriter and he too became vocalist for the bands namely Disturbed and Device. Till now, Draiman is acknowledged for his biased voice as well as percussive singing style. You may be wandering to get net worth of David Draiman, don’t worry you can get it below:

Draiman belonged to Brooklyn, located in New York, born as son of Miriam and YJ Draiman. This vocalist’s father, known as a candidate in year 2017 race for mayor of Los Angeles, also got recognition as a small-business owner, former real estate developer, as well as an elected associate of Northridge East Neighbourhood Council, out of many additional roles. Draiman’s parents were vigilant, spiritual Jews. His parents envisioned for Draiman to get semikhah, and moreover, Draiman often spent time in country-Israel throughout his childhood. It is known that Draiman appeared in five Jewish schools.

David Draiman Net Worth

Throughout his freshman year spent at Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study, Draiman was requested to leave, because he actually rebelled against the conformism and simply wished to be a usual teenage child. Moreover, the other reason is that he actually could not front the severe religious requests of the life at there. While he was studying at Jewish day schools, this vocalist mentioned that he was little offended but he afterwards stimulated his family to perceive Shabbat, as well as he got training as a hazzan.

After this, Draiman appeared in Ida Crown Jewish Academy, located in Chicago, Illinois, the place where he did graduation from a high school in year 1991. From this school, in 1991–1992, he devoted one year after studying in high school in Kiryat Ye’arim, around the suburbs of Jerusalem, Israel. In year 1996, he completed graduation from University by receiving Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, Business Administration and Philosophy. After completing graduation from college, this vocalist served as one administrative associate in one healthcare facility.

Moreover, after finishing his first year, he got administrator’s license as well as began operating his healthcare facility. For period of five years prior joining Disturbed as well as contract of the band with Giant Records, this celebrity stayed as a healthcare administrator.

Once Draiman stated that the initial record that he ever purchased was Kiss’ Destroyer. Moreover, classic bands such as Black Sabbath were actually his first loves. He also concentrated on seminal metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and Queensrÿche”. Draiman also stated that he can too appreciate hair metal bands and added that whenever you listen to Whitesnake, you simply cannot reject their immensity.

Later on, he worked in direction of punk as well as new wave, groups such as The Misfits, The Ramones and then after The Smiths and The Cure. Moreover, Draiman has mentioned Rob Halford of Judas Priest, James Hetfield of Metallica, and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden as three major influences ever on his singing.

Draiman got married to prior WWE Diva named Lena Yada and this couple have a son, born in year 2013. In terms of politics he stated that he is liberal regarding every aspect that is issue-based as far as philosophy, but he is too of belief of an extremely small government. Moreover, he does not approve with the financial strategies of Democrats, but he surely disagrees with right-wing idiocy of the Republicans.

David Draiman Net Worth

In the field of song writing and vocalists, David Draiman is a renowned name with net worth of $12 million. He amassed some part of his wealth by becoming a lead singer for famous heavy metal band named Disturbed. Moreover, he is too recognised as American based songwriter who is acknowledged for his percussive kind of singing style as well as distorted voice that helped him to earn his source of wealth being a singer.

David Draiman possesses unique voice and singing style that led him to make prominent place in the music industry. Till date, he has purchased many records and worked for prominent bands that attained him good position.