David Cassidy Net Worth 2019

Who is David Cassidy and what is his net worth 2019? David Bruce Cassidy is an actor who retired after a glorious life of frolic. He is not only a versatile actor but is also an adept guitarist. His fanciful senses also made him write beautiful songs which he sung miraculously. An actor, a singer, a guitarist and a songwriter, Cassidy is an amalgamation of artistry flick. He started off as ‘Keith Partridge’, an extremely popular character played by Cassidy in a musical-sitcom, ‘The Partridge family’. 1970s was an era of Cassidy’s air all over United States. He became a teen idol in Pop Culture.

David, a star still twinkling bright earned all the name and fame with his diligence and labour. To know how he managed such overwhelming returns, let’s have a look at his biography and income profile.

David Cassidy Net Worth

Early Life

David Bruce Cassidy was born on 12th April, 1950 in New York City to father Jack Cassidy and mother Evelyn Ward. His father was also a singer and an actor. Cassidy spent most part of his childhood with his maternal grandparents due to his parents’ frequent travels. From his neighbourhood friends in West Orange, New Jersey, Cassidy came to know that his parents were divorced for about two years then.

After his parent’s separation, David Cassidy’s father tied a knot to another woman who was also a singer and an actress called Shirley Jones. On that account, David later on had three half-brothers. He signed with the Universal Studios in 1969 and with the help of his friend and mentor ‘Ruth Aarons’, he made his own space on screen in the film industry.

David Cassidy had a rather turbulent personal life. He had to face several ups and downs, separations and conciliation. In the year 1977, he tied a knot with his first wife Kay Lenz but it quite did not seem to work out therefore got separated and finally divorced in the year 1983. After this mishap, he moved on with life and met another woman who he thought could collect his derailed life. Meryl Tanz, his second wife with whom he had a beautiful life for some time but as they say life is uncertain and so it was for him, Cassidy divorced his second wife as well in the year 1985 after just one year of getting married.

David Cassidy however had not lost hope and decided to persist in pursuance of love. This led him to get married the third time with Sue Shiffrin in the year 1991 but the marriage succumbed to misunderstandings in the year 2016. Therefore it has been for a year now in 2017 that Cassidy is single and divorced. The superstar has two beautiful children Katie Cassidy and Beau Cassidy and he is seemingly having a sail of life now.


David Cassidy started off with Broadway musical ‘The Fig Leaves are falling’. After many failed attempts Cassidy finally signed a series of Television show triumphantly like ‘Ironside’ and ‘Marcus Welby’. From there he moved on to play the most popular role of his career which was that of ‘Keith Partridge’ in the ‘Partridge Family’ series also starring his step mother. David also went ahead to sign a music album called ‘I think I love you’.

This album fell like bombshell and was an immediate success. Later on he signed many solo albums that went down really well with the audience too. One of his solo top ten chart-busters included the album ‘Cherish’. Little by little, David turned into a ‘teen idol’ and then the brightest superstar in the United States.

David Cassidy received an Emmy Award nomination for his police series which was called ‘A chance to live’. He also won the ‘TV Land Favorite Fashion Plate’ in the male category among other series of prestigious awards and nomination.

Net Worth of David Cassidy

David Cassidy’s net worth is $600 thousand. His massive income is but a direct result of his perseverance throughout his frolicking career. The prominent income profile of Cassidy is from the films, television and albums that he has created. He has also endorsed many brands including the Keloggs Cereal during his ‘Patridge days’ back in 1970. This was considered to be his most successful campaign among other endorsements.

David Cassidy has had the prime of his life and career and it is no wonder why he was one of the trendiest superstars of his time. He still continues to be actively engaged with his audience through endless meet and greet. Cassidy is now involved in a lot of activism and campaigns against deadly diseases like ‘Alzheimer’s’ that took away his mother’s life. One of the best looking and the most versatile of the mightiest, the name of Cassidy shall go down in History as nothing less than a true legend.