Burna Boy Net Worth 2019

Who Is Burna Boy and what is his net worth 2019? The African continent is known for its rich art and culture and has produced a number of musicians in the past that eventually went on to captivate the world with their sheer talent. Out of all the countries Nigeria perhaps, deserves the credit for giving to the world some of the most remarkable musicians in the recent past. One such extraordinary artiste is Damini Ogulu better known to us as Burna Boy, who has enthralled the audience ever since he made his debut in the popular Afrobeat genre.

Although he debuted as recently as 2011, his fascination with the Afrobeat music style began when he was a young child. His grandfather Mr Benson Idons served as the manager of renowned multi-instrumentalist and musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who is widely recognised as the creator of the Afrobeat style, which is an exquisite blend of West African and American musical styles. Fela Kuti therefore, became Boy’s inspiration from a tender age thereby, urging him to dream of a career in music.

Burna Boy Net Worth

Early Life

Boy was born to Mr and Mrs Ogulu and spent his childhood in Ahoada, Rivers State and Lagos State before immigrating to the United Kingdom to pursue his passion. His debut album ‘Burn Notice’ despite being laden with foot tapping songs like ‘Sweetest Girl’ and ‘Abeg Abeg Abeg’, failed to top the charts. However, Boy’s unique voice managed to capture the audience’s attention thereby, opening doors for successful future albums like ‘L.I.F.E.’. It was his single titled ‘Like To Party’ which was released in 2012 that changed his life completely catapulting him to unprecedented fame and recognition.

However, Boy’s journey of becoming one of the most successful musicians of our times was not without its own share of trials and tribulations. Although, he had immigrated to UK when he was fairly young to fulfil his long cherished dream, he got embroiled in a legal soup in 2010 and was arrested for being a part of a gang that had allegedly stabbed a person to death.

After his release he was required to not leave the country until further notice but, he travelled to Nigeria to sign a deal with ‘Aristokrat Records’. Upon his return he was deported back to Nigeria and the officials were forced to place a ban of 15 years on him during the period of which he is barred from entering UK. He returned to Nigeria and began his music career and the rest as they say is history!

Education: Burna Boy received his primay education from Montessori International School and went on to pursue his secondary education from Corona, Agbara in Lagos State.

Net Worth of Burna Boy

The Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer Burna Boy’s estimated net worth is $22 million, a fortune that he has amassed in a matter of few years with his immense talent. He is considered to be one of the richest Nigerian musicians that the world has seen in the recent past.

Burna Boy has a predilection for opulent cars and possesses a fleet of 6 luxurious cars, like Mercedes Benz G-Class which is estimated to have cost him over 25 million naira, Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle worth 18 million naira and Lexus Saloon 2015 model among others.

Burna Boy’s considerable fortune is proof enough of his astute business sense. Apart from being a successful musician, Boy is also the face of popular brands like Martell Cognac and GLO Nigeria the latter of which is a multinational telecommunication giant. He is currently under a contract with ‘Aristokrat Records’ which produces and markets his albums. However, Boy is not only limited to this label and also works with other renowned producers.


Boy’s debut album ‘Burn Notice’ was followed by ‘Burn Identity’ and both these albums were released in the same year to a lukewarm response. However, the albums succeeded in delineating his exceptional voice and versatility. He bounced back in 2012 with a single titled ‘Like To Party’, which is widely considered to be his most successful work till date. It was followed by his third album in 2013 titled ‘Leaving an Impact For Eternity’ abbreviated as ‘L.I.F.E.’. The album received rave reviews and is still quite famous among his fans.

He followed it up with his second single titled ‘Tonight’ which is considered to be a poignant expression of Boy’s innate feelings. His single called ‘My Journey’ effectively tells the tale of his awe-inspiring journey from being a dreamer to being an established artiste. His songs are an extraordinary amalgamation of dance-hall, hip-hop, Afrobeat and R&B, which effectively sets the audience in a grooving mood.

With an eccentric voice that sets him apart from his competitors and an astute business sense, Burna Boy is bound to accomplish greater heights in the future and bring much pride to his native country.