Buju Banton Net Worth 2018

Who is Buju Banton and what is his net worth 2018? A Jamaican artist, Mark Anthony Myrie was also known as Gargamel or stage name Buju Benton was the widely popular dancehall reggae artists of the ’90s. He was the DJ and songwriter and played genres like Reggae, dancehall, reggae fusion and roots reggae and produced his own music under his own Gargamel Music label and few others like Tommy Boy Entertainment and Mercury / PolyGram Records.

After released his album ‘Til Shiloh’ in 1995, people raised hope that he would be the next Bob Marley as he had been for roots reggae. Though Banton remained high profile musician for decades. Let’s have look at his early life and debut.

Buju Banton Net Worth

Early Life

Buju Banton aka Mark Anthony Myrie was born on July 15, 1973, in the Kingston slum of Salt Lane. Buju was his childhood nickname, a word for breadfruit that was often applied to chubby children. Banton first started playing as DJ ar just age of 13 with the local sound system. In 1991, Banton began recording for Donovan Germain’s penthouse recordings and Donovan launched his own Madhouse records.


His first hit was ‘Love me Browing’ and ‘Boogle’ which both were the huge success for him and making him one of the most popular musicians in Jamaican history. In 1992, he finally broke the record of Bob Marley for the greatest number of number one singles in a year. With the huge success of his album Mr.Mention in 1993, he stipulated the deal with international music label the Mercury records.

After that in the year 1993, the album ‘The Voice of Jamaica’ was released with popular hits including “Willy (Don’t Be Silly)”, “Deportees” and “Operation Ardent,” a critique of police corruption. This album was the one that brought him international fame and made him popular worldwide.

In early 1994, Banton released the hit single ‘Murderer’ which was dedicated to his fellow DJs, DJ Panhead and DJ Dirtsman who were died in a vigorous gun shooting. Finally, in 1995, he released his masterpiece ‘Til Shiloh’ which was based on social awareness and other social issues. More than 500,000 copies were sold across the globe. Many albums and singles released after the success of Til Shiloh and all of them were successful.

Buju’s father had worked as a laborer at a tile factory while her mother was the street vendor. Moreover, he was one of the youngest of fifteen children of Banton’s parents. Banton was the name that given to someone who is an amazing story teller and Buju earned it by his music. When it comes to relationship there are no details available but he also has 15 children.

Net Worth of Buju Banton

Jamaican dancehall, ragga, reggae and musician Buju Banton has earned in millions with his successful singles and albums like Til Shiloh. The estimated net worth of Buju Banton is staggering $5 million making him one of the richest DJ in Jamaica. Though lion shares of his net worth are thanks to his album Til Shiloh. He also signed with some international recording studios such as Mercury or Polygram records and Tommy Boy Entertainment and earned in millions. According to the richer the Estimated record sales of the album, Til Shiloh worldwide as of 2010 was $750,00 US dollars with the selling of 500,000 copies.

According to recent news, he got Mercedes from one of his friends as a gift. When it comes to home, James is currently located in the Florida, U.S. Though the price of her house, construction details and details about other properties are not available.

Buju Banton is one of the great musicians in history and you can say Bob Marley when it comes to dancehall’s roots reggae. He was the great storyteller as what Maroons called it Banton.