Bugzy Malone Net Worth 2018

Who is Bugzy Malone and what is his net worth 2018? Living in 2018, we are very well aware of the omnipotence of internet- a technological feat that managed to change our lives completely. There is nothing that the all-powerful internet can’t do, from simplifying our lives with technological marvels, like GPS to transforming many of us into celebrities overnight, it has it all covered! If you are talented and you have the ability to entertain, the almighty internet has your back. There has been a significant surge of internet celebrities in the recent past and many musicians have caught the public eye through potent online platforms, like YouTube and Vine.

Early Life

One such celebrity is Bugzy Malone- an MC from Manchester, England, widely considered as one of UK’s prime talents in the Grime genre. Malone who was named Aaron Davis at birth, has been popularly touted as ‘The Evil Genius’ for his exquisite and heartfelt lyrics that have managed to strike a chord with the audience and trigger a sort of grime revival in UK. The English Grime- a ground-breaking genre born out of an ingenious amalgamation of existing UK electronic music styles, like jungle and UL garage and Jamaican ragga, hip hop and dancehall, had been flourishing in northern England for quite some time, but effectively came to the forefront with the rise of Grime artists like Malone.

Bugzy Malone Net Worth

However, Malone had to face his fair share of struggle to be in his current position of one of UK’s key MCs. After his rise to celebrity hood he has talked about his troubled past in a number of interviews, where he has gone on to reveal about his family’s absence throughout his formative years, the criminal associations of many of his family members and his own tryst with imprisonment at the young age of 17. According to Malone, the fact that he went to jail and lost some of the most productive years of his life pushed him to work harder and find his own identity.

Video sharing platform YouTube is where it all started for him and he released his first mixtape titled ‘SwaggaMan’ in 2010, which got him noticed and brought him a number of freestyle opportunities on YouTube channels like ‘KODH TV’ and ‘Grime Daily’. In 2012, he won the trophy of Manchester Heat of Converse MC Competition and released his most famous freestyle till date on JDZmedia titled ‘Spitfire’, which garnered his first million views on YouTube thereby, projecting Malone to international fame. The success of ‘Spitfire’ landed him his first ‘Fire in The Booth’ alongside popular DJ cum TV presenter Charlie Sloth. The story of his hard life, troubled childhood, imprisonment and his subsequent rise to stardom has effectively inspired many.

Education: Owing to a troubled childhood in which he grappled with crime, Malone never got to receive quality education. According to a tweet posted from his twitter handle in 2015, Malone was apparently thrown out of school in the 9th grade.

Net Worth of Bugzy Malone

The estimated total net worth of Bugzy Malone is approximately $2 million, a fortune that he has amassed with sheer talent in a relatively short period of time.

Following the success of his first ‘Fire in The Booth’, Malone did his second performance in 2015, where he criticised fellow Grime MC Chip with ‘Relegation Riddim’ thereby, giving birth to the most entertaining ‘Grime Beef’ in recent history and attracting attention to the relatively overlooked Grime genre. Chip countered this criticism with his war dub ‘Pepper Riddim’. Malone replied with ‘It’s Peak’ in which he was joined by fellow Grime artists Stormzy and Tinie Tampah.

The year 2015 brought his 1st single titled ‘Watch Your Mouth’, which was first released by MistaJam on BBC Radio 1 and was subsequently released on Malone’s own YouTube channel. The track quickly gained popularity and he followed it with his first EP titled ‘Walk with Me’ that reached no. 8 on UK Albums Chart. He released his second EP called ‘Facing Time’ in 2016 through his own independent label ‘ill gotten records’, which climbed to no. 6 on the charts. 2016 also saw his most inventive trilogy of music videos till date, which he collectively titled ‘Section 8(1)’. It consisted of 3 chapters which were based on his popular songs titled ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Facing Time’ and ‘I Suggest’.

Although there is no clear information about Malone’s material possessions, his decent fortune of about $2 million must have brought him his share of exquisite assets.

Apart from being immensely talented, Malone also has a fair idea of marketing his songs. He began with digital downloads that are relatively more economical and ensure low cost publishing. He also produces his songs and has a clothing line that is inspired by his own sense of style. Moreover, he performs at a number of sold out tours throughout the year.

Bugzy Malone has carved a niche for himself in the enigmatic Grime genre despite a troubled and hard life that makes him all the more inspiring for the young generation. At this young age he has reached heights that he possibly could not have imagined a few years ago. With his entire career ahead him, Malone is bound to accomplish many more feats that will increase his fortune considerably in the future.