Bryan Lanning Net Worth 2018

Who is Bryan Lanning and what is his net worth 2018? Bryan Lanning is an America-based YouTuber and singer who was born on January 20th, 1990 in California. He is famous around the world for his channel ‘Daily Bumps’. Through this channel, the singer runs a VLOG and let everybody know about various new things happening in his life. The channel has a whopping 1.65 billion views approximately. This star has launched his few singles as well in the year 2015 and also released an extended play named Like a Lion in the year 2016.

Bryan has another youtube channel named on himself and he has total subscribers of around 280000 in that channel. At the famous channel Daily Bumps they have total subscribers 2,401,965. The star is famous around the world mostly due to his VLOG only.

Bryan Lanning Net Worth

In the channel, he is the father who resides with his family and they try to record every happy moment of their life and upload it to Youtube. Most of the people don’t know that ‘Daily Bumps’ started when Bryan’s wife Missy finally conceived a baby after a regular effort of 2 years.

The channel started in 2012 and the first video was uploaded in 2013. Now the family uploads every single video on the youtube and record every moment of their lives. For example, if they buy any car or house or any other cute moments spent within the family, everything is uploaded to Youtube.

As the star has gained a lot of fame due to a Youtube channel only, many other want to know how much this singer earns. Also many have a question that people can’t make enough money using Youtube, so let’s give a reply to everyone and reveal his net worth.

Net Worth of Bryan Lanning

Bryan Lanning is a Youtuber turned singer who has sung a couple of songs and has released an extended play. He has been using Youtube since past 5 years and has made lots of money with it. With around $1.6 Million views to his VLOG daily bumps and around 17 million views to his personal channel, it becomes very easy to know about his net worth. As he has become a known personality around the world, many brands too must have approached him for various kinds of brand endorsements.

But overall the total net worth of this star is approximate $2.4 million. This is a huge amount for a person whose only scope of earning is Youtube or some brand endorsements. This 27 years old singer is very talented and has used his talent to gain lots of popularity on Youtube. As the VLOG and his channel are still very much in trend, we don’t see any end to his net worth in coming years and one can only see new height to Bryan’s net worth every year for sure.

Though for a person who has a net worth of total $2.4 million and a family of 4 members to feed, buying any luxurious things become really difficult. However, Bryan has figured out a way and has owned a VOLVO XC90 which is an XUV car and has brilliant interiors as well exteriors. There is saying, that if a person rides Volvo in his entire life, he will never think about buying another car. The car costs around $50,000 which are a pretty decent amount to pay for a luxurious XUV car.

Bryan has also posted a video at his VLOG when he bought this car. Though we can see him in a house in his VLOG but unfortunately there isn’t any kind of proper information available about his house or any other property that he has. Due to the low net worth he is having high right now, he doesn’t own any other luxurious asset, but with the speed, he is moving, he may be soon owning various luxurious assets on his name.

At his VLOG, we can see that Bryan is a family man, and tries to spend most of the time with his wife and his children. Though in the beginning, the couple was facing problems to conceive their first baby, but now they have two children, here is the detail.

• Wife – Missy Lanning
• Son – Oliver James
• Son – Finley

So this was all about your favourite youtube star and singer Bryan Lanning. It seems that he wouldn’t stop Vlogging soon and he may come with few more singles in future. Thus we can predict that he will bring a great hike to his net worth soon.