Bret Michaels Net Worth 2019

Who is Bret Michaels and what is his net worth 2019? Bret Michaels is the professional name of a singer, songwriter and musician. This celebrity gained reputation as the lead singer of the glam metal band named as Poison that has sold more than 50 million records globally as well as 15 million records in US. Net worth of Bret Michaels is grossed in millions from his career as singer, get more details below:

Early Life

Bret Michaels belonged to city of Butler, Pennsylvania and he was brought up Mechanicsburg, located in Pennsylvania. He studied till high school and he has two sisters namely, Michelle and Nicole. Michaels asserts that his parents had formerly envisioned for him to get the middle name i.e. “Maverick”, taken from the lead character in the prevalent TV Western series entitled as Maverick.

Bret Michaels Net Worth

He is basically of Carpatho-Rusyn (belonging from his grandfather), German, Irish, English, and Swiss origin. It is known that this singer’s great-uncle named Nick Sychak struggled in the Invasion of Normandy at Omaha Beach and was slayed in act in France in year 1944.


Michaels started to play guitar when he was a teenager, creating one band with drummer named Rikki Rockett. This is accompanied by bass player named Bobby Dall as well as original guitarist and creative force named David Besselman. The major guitarist who presented Michaels to Rikki and Bobby, instantly left that band because of creative variances. The particular band then employed Matt Smith and created the band named Paris in Mechanicsburg, located Pennsylvania in year 1983.

Local advertising regarding the band finally directed to one record deal with Enigma Records, as well as their initial album entitled as Look What the Cat Dragged In. In the same year, Poison presented one show at Madison Square Garden. During era of 1980s and early 1990s, Poison turned out as one of the largest glam metal bands all over the world, working to record their second album. It was actually the multi-platinum retailing Open Up and Say… Ahh!, whereas its third album was too multi-platinum selling Flesh & Blood.

It is found that Michaels recorded his initial solo album in year 1998, entitled as A Letter from Death Row. This was actually the soundtrack to the movie of same title, he wrote, directed, and starred in. Moreover, Michaels also launched a best of album named as Rock My World in year 2008 which presented music from reality television series entitled Rock of Love.

In year 2008, Michaels made appearance on a celebrity edition of Don’t Forget the Lyrics!, in which he funded $200,000 to contribute towards charity. Moreover, Michaels too hosted the Miss Universe pageant of 2010 with Natalie Morales.

When he was filming the finale of a reality show entitled Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, this singer proposed Gibson, his friend of 16 years. In year 2012, he declared that he and his wife had separated, this couple has two daughters. In year 2010, it was conveyed on his official website that Michaels has been admitted to hospital the present week after facing coldness on the left part of body. When carrying out conducting diagnostic tests it was revealed that this singer has a patent foramen ovale, a hole in heart. It was later on conveyed that the condition is curable and treatable and doctors suppose they have analysed the issue that produced the transient ischemic attack (i.e. TIA) or cautionary stroke.

Net Worth of Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is essentially a rock star as well as reality TV personality with a net worth of $20 million. Michaels is renowned for becoming the major vocalist of the glam rock band named as Poison, adding to his wealth. Moreover, his wealth is high as he is too famous for existing in reality TV shows, as well as becoming a TV judge.

Bret Michaels’ major acclaim originated by he being a singer and he also appeared as reality TV personality in his career.