Blue Hamilton Net Worth 2019

Who is Blue Hamilton and what is his net worth 2019? Blue Hamilton with his birth name Johnny Blue James Hamilton was born on November 27, 1979, in Fontana, California. He started his career in January 2002 in Maverick records as a radio promoter.

From 2002, at the age of 23, he also worked as a music publishing executive. He worked in Warner’s music group, a world fame organisation. In Warner’s music group, blue worked for more than eight consecutive years, until 2012. Under the famous producer Fernando Garibay, who won many Grammy awards, blue worked for all these years and made a strong foundation for his singing career.

Blue Hamilton Net Worth


In 2012, Johnny blue left his job and decided to start his career as a singer/songwriter. Exposure to the singing field for the last eight years, it was not a wrong choice that blue made. Under the name Blue Hamilton, he presented his first EP (Extended Play) in 2012.

Radio flyer (EP), the first piece of Blue Hamilton had a package of four beautiful tracks namely Supermoon, Neon 6, Flashdance, and Grace. After the triumph, he was nicknamed as blue bells by his fans. In 2013, Blue Hamilton released an Extended Play. Singles (EP) had a package of three songs, namely Stoned in Ojai, Don’t Cry, and Runway.

American actor Matt Dallas announced his engagement with Blue Hamilton in 2013. Matt Dallas made an announcement that he is a gay and engaged. Blue Hamilton and Matt Dallas were in a relationship for more than six years before their marriage. On July 5, 2015, the couple officially announced their marriage along with the marriage certificate on their Twitter page.

Once after their marriage, they surprised everyone with their decision. Crow, a two-year-old boy was adopted by the couple Blue Hamilton and Matt Dallas in December 2015. Being more human, the couple expressed their happiness and revealed that crow was their lovely Christmas gift.

Education: Blue Hamilton joined in Recording Connection Audio Institute, which is a famous institute with the group of industrial engineers and producers. He studied in the Field Of Study audio Engineering / Music Production from the year 2013 to 2014.

Net Worth of Blue Hamilton

Blue Hamilton’s net worth is calculated to be around $1.8 million.

The couples shared their pictures after their adoption, which shows that they live in their own luxurious house. Moreover, the couples announced that “this is our dream family”.

Blue Hamilton started his career as radio promoter in 2002. Following his path, he worked as a music publishing executive in Warner’s music company under Fernando Garibay for more than eight years. Then introduced himself as a singer, Songwriter, Producer in 2012. After his studies in recording connection audio institute, he becomes a Music Professional in the year 2014.

Some of blue Hamilton Tracks to Listen:

All blue Hamilton tracks were available in the Amazon and iTunes.
Radio flyer (EP) – $6.32. And each song available for $0.79 in the iTunes.
Neon 6
Singles (EP) – Each song available for $ 0.99 in the iTunes.
Stoned In Ojai
Don’t Cry

In summer 2016, Blue Hamilton made his first appearance to the public after their adoption of a two-year-old son, crow. He expressed his gratitude through the people magazine.

Humanity is a stand alone character which is not acquired by every human and it is a special attribute that the couple possesses. Blue Hamilton works hard continuously to establish his Name in the music industry. He is passionate towards the music, which brings him success in his career. He is still active in his music profession and the fans hope for more tracks from him.