Bleona Qereti Net Worth 2019

Who is Bleona Qereti and what is her net worth 2019? Bleona Qereti, popularly known as Bleona is an Albanian singer who is also called as the Madonna of Albania. She is the embodiment of female power owing to her passion and experience in singing, producing, acting, modelling and entrepreneurship. She is an award winning artist who has performed for packed audiences at large scale-stadiums.

Early Life

Born on 14th May, 1979 in the Korce city of Albania, Bleona belongs to the Taurus sign. Her parents Oli Qereti and Nazmi Qereti had encouraged her to quit her childhood passion of singing and join business school when she was just thirteen. But later on she was sent to a German school to learn different languages which would eventually help her to sing in those. Apart from singing she has also acted in a few movies. She is one of the lucky ones to have got the opportunity to work with famous producers from the United States like Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland and David Foster. David Foster is a legend who has won 16 Grammy Awards from 47 nominations.

Bleona Qereti Net Worth


She began to sing and performance as early as from the age of 15. She began her singing adventure at the Skampa Theater in Elbasan and eventually moved to Tirana to continue with her singing career. Her first single, “Lermeni (Let Me Be Free)” was released in the year 1996, which was immediately followed by the release of her very first album Kam Qejfin Tim (I Run My Own Game).

It was in this year itself when Bleona made her debut tour at concert halls in Germany and Switzerland. She set out on a 10 city tour for the Albanian Spring Festival and captured the hearts of the audiences with her soul quenching performances. She happens to be the first ever Albanian artist to be on iTunes, a remarkable feat considering the not so high popularity of Pop Music in those days.

It was during her tour in support of the Albanian Democratic Party when she released a video for the track – “Kam Qeifn Tim.” Gradually since then she has on an average released one music video every year. Just in the beginning of this century, Bleona had released 3 albums all of which reached the top charts in the south-eastern region of Europe. She released her album – You Weren’t Man Enough for Me in the year 2003, which had around 300,000 copies sold out within a short span of 3 months. In 2005 Bleona recorded another album Boom Boom in both the languages – English and Albanian. She won the Magic Song Festival Awards, which is Alabania’s version of the Grammy Awards for her single S’dua in the same year.

Education: Having begun her career at a very young age, upon the advice of her parents Bleona took a break at the age of thirteen and went to a business school. But eventually she enrolled for language classes to make her competent enough to sing in different languages. She graduated with BA from Academy of Performing Arts in Tirana and had studied the Stanisklavski System of acting, a unique form of training in which experiencing is made a centre stage for to-be artists.

Net Worth of Bleona Qereti

Bleona’s net worth is around $16.4 million. Dubbed as the Madonna of Albania she has been able to earn a fortune out of her singing career. She has the much touted label of performing the most number of sold out shows in Albania. From Presidents, Billionaires to Royals, she has had the opportunity to perform for numerable high profile individuals. Being a self-made artist she has also been running a few business ventures successfully.

Apart from being a singer and an actor she also happens to be a devout entrepreneur. She uses her own funds unlike other stars that use the funds of labels. This gives her the much needed discretion about her work and set her own priorities. Her seventh album “Mandarin” sold around 800,000 copies globally. She has performed shows that have been sold out both in America and Albania.

She even has a women’s shoe line going by the name ShoeDazzle which was launched in December 2014. This venture turned out to be a hit and presently boasts of having around 18 million subscribers. She launched her new jewellery line and an e-commerce site in February 2015, keeping it in line with her taste of aesthetics and elegance factor in mind.

She had first appeared on television on the show Pionieri which is an Albanian version of the Mickey Mouse Club and at the age of five appeared on the cover of a famous magazine. It was in the year 2014 when Bleona started shooting for a reality television series Euros of Hollywood that premiered on Bravo in that year. This was followed by her first recording in the English album in America which marked a turning point in her career. She then returned to ALbania to work as jury on the popular reality television series X- Factor and Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Bleona much like other pop stars has been able to achieve a feet in the American music industry. Her collaboration with popular stars has helped her earn recognition in Albania and America, though limited in the latter. Bleona had taken the citizenship of America in 2011. She is only the second person after Lady Gaga for having been invited to perform for two consecutive years at the legendary White Party 2014 for the 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Bleona in 2015 wore a metal breast plate dress at the Grammy’s show in Los Angeles which stunned the audience and set the flashes of the photographers rolling. This was after the revealing Fish net dress she wore at one of the previous red carpet of a popular show.

Having become a household name right and being on a never ending track of giving splendid and captivating performances, her life has been nothing short of a fairy tale. A little known secret about Bleona is that she is also a violinist. She also is a noble person to take out time for a number of social welfare causes. She has supported countless charities across the globe including Musi Cares, AmFar and Elton John Foundation. Her hard work and enthusiasm is something that should be really lauded.