Blaire Hanks Net Worth 2018

Who is Blaire Hanks and what is his net worth 2018? Blaire Hank is a young and upcoming country music songwriter or you could say singer who released a self-titled debut EP entitled “Her” which charted at #4 on the iTunes country charts and #44 on Billboard country in 2015. He is a Virgo. Born on September 4th 1992. He was 15 years old when he began writing songs.

Early Life

The 25 year old singer was raised just outside of Jacksonville, in the small town of Macclenny, Florida, where everyone knows everyone. He started playing the guitar at the age of six but didn’t really get into singing until he was older. He didn’t tell anyone that he even played guitar. It was his thing that he would do in his own time in his bedroom.

Blaire Hanks Net Worth

But as he got older and people started hearing him play guitar at parties and bonfires, they encouraged him to purse it and a few years later he ended up moving to Nashville Tennessee to see what he was made of. He has a brother named hunter and sister named bailey.

By growing up in Florida, it wasn’t always country for him. Blaire has a huge respect for all genres of music and that allows him to be creative with what he does with his music. Although he has huge respect for other genres of music, country is his favourite. Blaire describes it as a ‘good industry with good people’ and his ‘niche’.

In an interview “From the beach to music city”, when asked about biggest influence in his life. This was what he had to say “He is the man in my eyes. He is a big man and whole life I’ve always wanted to be like my father. He’s one of the smartest, hardworking, good people and he’s been a huge influence on me as a person growing up”.

His music influences were Bob Marley and Kenny Chesney, which was his first CD.

Like many artists, Blaire knew if he was going to make a career in country music he had to move to Nashville Tennessee. At a young age of 19 he made that move. Nashville has always been a diverse city full of diverse people and Blaire Hanks is no exception. Upon moving to Nashville chased a career in songwriting but after having a few successful cuts, he decided to perform.

He met singer/songwriter named Johnny T they collaborated on a few songs and Johnny decided to cut a song they wrote together ‘Buzzin’, which aired on Sirius XM. In January 2016, he released 3rd album titled “Mixtape”, followed by a live promo tour.

Despite being unsigned and without any booking agent, Blaire Hanks has established a fan base for and by himself that has allowed him to gain incredible exposure to some of the biggest names in country music. He has shared a stage with Florida Georgia Line and Dustin Lynch. Currently he has been touring the US building a national fan base and promoting his most recent release entitled “Mixtape” and working on his full length album, set to release in fall of 2017 and has plans on announcing a national tour to promote the album later this year.

Being an up-and-coming musician, there is one thing that has helped him the most with his music and exposure- social media. Social media has played a great role in Blaire’s life i.e. rise from a beach boy to being on the verge of a record deal and more. He loves interacting with his fans on social media but one thing you all may not know that Blaire wants people to know that he’s an appreciative person and a hard worker.

On top of his success in music, he has become a large social personality, amassing several hundred thousand followers across the major social platforms and continues to grow rapidly.

Blaire Hanks was married to his high school sweetheart Brittany. Both of them were working on their careers in Nashville and wanted to be country singers. They both were even signed to a record label in Nashville, but unfortunately, Brittany was dropped from it. From that incident, the conflict began in their relationship and soon they got a divorce.

Blaire moved on and dated reality star Savannah Chrisley who is famous thanks to TV show “Chrisley knows best” .The couple seemed quite happy, ringing in 2017 and all was right with their world until Savannah Chrisley, 19, during a facebook live session tearfully announced the news to the world that she and her longtime boyfriend Blaire Hanks, 24, had broken up after 2 years of dating. She also filmed an emotional video for her fans about it.

Net Worth of Blaire Hanks

Young country singer Blaire Hanks made his career skyrocket with several successful singles like “She picks me up” & “In her Eyes”. Blaire Hank’s current net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Blaire Hanks and Savannah Chrisley Split after her scary car accident on January 16 that left her hospitalised. During an emotional Facebook live session, she opened up about her relationship with Hanks and, ultimately, their breakup. Blaire Hanks is enraged with Savannah Chrisley for outing their breakup news during tearful Facebook live session.

“I’m a very appreciative person. I don’t take anything for granted. I work hard. Even when a fan favourites a tweet, they don’t realise how much I appreciate that. God gave me the talent I have, I’m going to use it for good. I want to get into charity work.”-Blaire Hank

His ultimate goal is to be able to say that they did it and maybe to play some stadiums one day, And if Blaire maintains his positive attitude, he may just do that.