Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth 2019

Who is Billy Ray Cyrus and what is his net worth 2019? For a lot of millennials, Billy Ray Cyrus is Hannah Montana’s dad. But he is more than that and his net worth reflects just that. The singer-songwriter cum actor is a worldwide phenomenon due to his countless talents. If one hasn’t heard his songs, one has definitely watched his movies/TV shows. Notably, he was extremely popular in the late 20th century especially in the music industry. But even today, within the music industry at least, his name is associated with that swagger, that charisma that he was well known for.

Early Life

For beginners, Billy Ray Cyrus is not his birth name. Born on the 25th of August, 1960, in Kentucky, William Ray Cyrus entered the music industry in the year 1989. Mercury records signed him that year and it took him 3 years to release his debut album in 1992. The album topped charts all over the world and thus, began the fairytale journey of William Ray Cyrus. Today, he is a multi-platinum selling record artist, a feat that not too many artists of both; his and this generation have accomplished.

Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth


His acting career took off in 2001 with his superb performances in a TV series that went by the name of Doc. Then came Hannah Montana and now, he is part of the cast of Still the King.

The country singer’s personal life has never been in the shadows. While his first marriage with Cindy Smith failed, his marriage with Leticia Jean Finley has blossomed. He has been married to her for 24 years now. After two marriages, he is now the father of 6 children, few of whom have established their own celebrity status like: Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus and Trace Cyrus.

Awards, award, awards. William Ray Cyrus has won multiple awards spanning his nearly 30 year long career as a musician and an actor. His well-known single, ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ broke records all over the world. From ‘Single of the Year’ to ‘Pop Record of the Year’ to ‘Best Male Artist, Country’, he won it all. In fact, the accolades to his name are so many that there’s a separate page on Wikipedia dedicated to just this (41 awards). However, the one thing that’s been eluding him quite sometime now is a Grammy. He has had multiple nominations in the past but that’s that.

Net Worth of Billy Ray Cyrus

A 30-year long career, how much money do you think, could he have accumulated in this? His reported net worth is $22 million. How did he make money? Music and acting. His reported net worth include his esteemed assets and the money that he makes from his Syfy channel.

Even today, William Ray Cyrus is still involved in the music industry although, he might not be making as much noise as he once used to. The last single that he released was in the year 2012, titled ‘Change my mind’. While, Thin Line, which released in 2016 was the last album that he worked on, writing the lyrics and producing its songs mainly. The Georgetown College alumni has had a lot of success in his career and it looks talent runs in his genes, something that his children have definitely accounted for.