Bert McCracken Net Worth 2019

Who is Bert McCracken and what is his net worth 2019? Robert Edward Bert McCracken or Bert McCracken is the songwriter and lead singer of the band ‘The Used’. He was born on February 25th, 1982 in Provo, Utah, US. Starting at 12, he used to play Trumpet for a local band called I’m With Stupid. Many people don’t know but his and his parents’ viewpoints conflicted in terms of religions and that is why he was moved out of the house at the age of 16.

For some time, he was homeless, but somehow he managed to fetch some money to move into an apartment with his girlfriend. In 2001, there was a band called Dumb Luck, they required a lead singer for their band and Bert was invited for the same. He sang a reinvented song called “Maybe Memories”, the band welcomed him and changed the band name to “The Used”.

Bert McCracken Net Worth

Bert has spent more than 15 years in the industry and has managed to taste success many times. He has collaborated with many other singers too and gave many clean hits. Bert is a very well-known name in the music industry and thus many people want to know about his earning. Let’s find out what is his earning and the net worth of this singer.

Net Worth of Bert McCracken

Bert McCracken is a singer, songwriter, and a musician and thus he has managed to fetch a good amount of money for his living. He is the lead singer of band “The Used”, in spite of that he has managed to collaborate with many other singers as well and have given many chartbuster songs. He manages to get lots of concerts and shows and thus manages to fetch a good amount of money from there as well. He may be endorsing some products as well, that too can add on to his net worth.

Right now the net worth that he is carrying is approximate $3 million. This is a decent amount but not a whopping one especially for a person who has spent 15 years in the industry. But if you go back, you will get to know that this star was actually homeless someday in his life and now he is having a net worth of $3 million with which he can easily own any luxurious house. The singer has the potential to increase his net worth rapidly in the coming years with his singing skills.

Bert McCracken is one of those stars who has faced certain moments in his life when he was not having any money in his pockets. He was homeless, he was moneyless and he didn’t have food to eat. But the star worked hard and has reached to a point where he can enjoy a lavish lifestyle if he wants to. There is news that this star too enjoys a very lavish lifestyle and consumes a lot of drugs, but there aren’t any proofs available about his lavishness.

Bert is a very busy person and rarely gets time to spend with his family. He is also involved in taking drugs, so one can assume that he wouldn’t be spending much of the time with his wife and daughter. However, here is the detail of his family.

• Alison Schneider – Spouse
• Cleopatra Rose McCracken – Daughter

So this was everything about your favourite singer Bert McCracken. If he continues the good work in the future as well, he will surely add a lot of money to his net worth.