Barry Manilow Net Worth

Who is Barry Manilow and what is his net worth 2018? Barry Minilow is a famous American singer, song- writer and a producer. He is also an arranger who has re-conceptualised many previous music works. Barry has sold more than 80 million records across the global music industry. Special charity programs and jam-packed concerts are an indication of his great popularity.

Barry Manilow or Barry Alan Pincus was born on June 17, 1943 in Brooklyn, New York City. He was born to parents, Edna Manilow and Harold Pincus. His father belonged from a Jewish family while his mother was an Irish-American Catholic. Barry spent most of his young age in Williamsburg. Barry graduated from Eastern District High School in the year 1961.

Barry Manilow Net Worth

He further went on to enrol himself in the City College of New York but eventually entered into New York College of Music to pursue his interests for music. Later on in his life he even studied Musical Theatre at Julliard Performing Arts School. In order to meet his expenses he used to work at CBS.

His career took off after his meeting with a CBS director, Bro Herrod in the year 1961. Herrod asked him to arrange for a musical adaptation of The Drunkyard, a melodrama. This somehow took an unexpected turn and Barry ended up writing an entire score. His composition was used by Herrod in the Off Broadway. He started working as a commercial jingle writer started performing many of the TV jingles that he would write.

His songs – ‘The Old Songs’, ‘Somewhere Down the Road’, ‘Read ‘Em and Weep’ and others topped the Adult Contemporary radio charts in the 1980s. Barry set a box office record with his 10-night run at Radio City Music Hall with a record collection of $2 million, in the year 1984. This made him the top performer in the 52 year history of the venue.

He continued performing many concerts and shows that would have sold out tickets, some of which were also aired on Showtime. In the year 2015 he began his tour ‘One Last Time’ with stops at major cities in the North American continent.

His creative style and exemplary performance has helped him bag many awards. Barry has got three Grammy Awards, two Emmy and a Tony Award. Besides these he has also got two American Music Awards, Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Award, and Special Tony Award along with other noticeable achievements.

Barry Manilow Net Worth

His albums and shows have topped charts for years. Barry is regarded as one of the highest paid singers in the music industry for the simple reason that he has the ability to perform in different fields of the music industry. This has helped Barry acquire a huge amount of wealth in his career spanning over five decades.

Barry Manilow’s Net Worth is estimated to be around a $110 million. Even this year he has got back-to-back concerts lined up in major cities of the world, including London and California

Barry Manilow has been the star of his age. At one point of time in his career he reached a remarkable feat when he had five of his albums on the best seller lists. He continues to perform at concerts, prime hotels and halls.