Austin Carlile Net Worth

Austin Carlile is an American singer and musician. He is retired from his music career right now. He was the lead vocalist of the popular bands like Attack Attack and Of Mice and Men. He was born in Pensacola, Florida in 1987. His original name is Austin Robert Carlile.

Austin belongs from an ordinary family. His father works in a restaurant and his mother is a gardener. Austin has a sister who is younger than him. His mother died when he was 17. She was suffering from Marfan Syndrome. Most of his childhood was spent in moving to places. He finally arrived in Ohio. After completing his school, he got associated with the Attack Attack band. Austin was very passionate about music in his teenage.

He had a great voice and it helped him secure the prestigious position of the lead vocalist in the Attack Attack band. He left the band in 2008. In 2009, he got associated with a new band named Of Mice and Men. He wrote a song for this band thinking of his mother. This was a revolutionary step for his career. Austin has been a dedicated musician, so far. But, due to some conflicts, some people say due to his Marfan Syndrome, he left this band as well in 2016. Austin is a great son and brother.

He loves spending time with his family when he is off from the work. His personal life is not so highlighted and that is why his love life and many other personal things are still to be explored. Austin is not blessed with a vigorous health. He got his mother’s fatal disease in his genes. In 2010, he underwent a heart surgery. The surgery went successful and he is alive and kicking now. In 2011, he made his comeback with the Of Mice and Band and that too in a graceful way.

One of his moving quotes is – “ Wake up and create a purpose for yourself. Don’t ask the meaning of life, ask yourself the meaning of each given day. ”

There were rumors that the musician married a blonde named Gielle Hellevig, with whom he posted many photos, some of them were too hot to handle, on social platforms.

Austin Carlile Best Performances   

  • Over and Done EP
  • If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?
  • Someday Came Suddenly
  • Of Mice & Men
  • Restoring Force
  • Cold World 

Austin Carlile Net worth

Austin’s Net Worth is around $3.5 Million. He made his fortune by his music career.

Austin Carlile Trivia: Very few people know that Austin has gone through a phase when he had nobody to talk to except a person called Evan, who belongs from America. Austin saved Evan’s phone number as Evan Help and he used to get delighted whenever Evan called him to share his thoughts and feelings. Austin got so connected to Evan that he even got him a health insurance and helped him bag a job.

Austin Carlile as Business Model

He started his own clothing line ‘Aspire and Create’ in 2012. The primary motto of the venture was to support the new aspiring artists by offering them resources and opportunities to create videos and record music. The money made through the venture goes to John Lenon Music Bus NGO. The NGO also provides help to the needy people. Through Aspire and Create, Austin does lots of charity, organizes food drives and gives donations to various organizations.

Austin is nowadays busy with his clothing line venture. He tweeted about No Drunk Driving on January 13th and offered discounts to the buyers inspiring them about safe driving.
Austin still suffers from his Marfan Syndrome pain which was revealed in his tweet on February 18th. He tweeted that he suffers from MS pain a lot of times, but it keeps him motivated and makes him look forward for tomorrow.

The last big news about the musician was his leaving the Of Mice and Men band. He officially announced his exit from the band but assured people that the band will keep on rocking even without him.

Austin is a true fighter, be it in the music world or the real life. In spite of suffering from Marfan Syndrome, he successfully runs his clothing venture and keeps on helping people and aspiring artists.