Ashanti Net Worth

You may be definitely interested in knowing about a female singer who is successful and Ashanti is the one you are looking for. Ashanti is essentially a singer, record producer, songwriter, dancer as well as actress from America. Net worth of Ashanti is grossed from her singing career, earning in millions, get further details below:

Ashanti Biography

Ashanti is presently 37-years-old celebrity from Glen Cove, located in New York. Her mother’s name is Tina Douglas, who works as a former dance tutor, and her father’s name is Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas, who worked as a singer formerly. It is known that her mother named this name after the Ashanti Kingdom prevalent in Ghana. It is the country where females own power as well as inspiration, and her mother wished her daughter to walk on path of life of that model.

Ashanti Net Worth 2017-2018

Moreover, her grandfather was basically a civil rights futuristic who was linked with Martin in the era of 1960s. While growing up, the singer learnt dance courses as well as appeared in the church choir. Ashanti later on studied many diverse dance styles, comprising tap, ballet, jazz, African, modern, and hip hop as well.

At the age of three, Ashanti sang in a gospel choir however her mother found out full singing talent in her when she heard her daughter singing “Reminisce” at an early age of 12. Till that time Ashanti was turned adolescence, her mom was delivering demo clips of her daughter’s singing as well as dancing. As her family was unable to afford to approach to a studio and do recording of a formal demo, hence when labels summoned, Ashanti would need to sing ‘I’m a little teapot’ for the record company managers.

Initially Ashanti was observed by Irv Gotti due to her excellent vocal abilities. The singer requested him to create some demo songs for her in order to record. This was so done as she could state that she had few strong tracks by the producer however Gotti sought a new idea. In that year, Ashanti was presented on singles namely “Just Like a Thug” and “Pov City Anthem”. Moreover, she too made appearance on year 2001 song entitled The Fast and the Furious in form of a featured artist.

Following the achievement of her partnerships with Fat Joe and Ja Rule, this singer launched her debut single entitled “Foolish”, which includes an example of year 1983 song -Stay with Me sang by DeBarge. This is her major song till date, working continuously for ten weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, she also transformed as the second artist to have their initial three chart entrances in the top ten list of the Hot 100 concurrently.

Debut album done by Ashanti received her several awards, comprising two American Music Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, as well as one Grammy Award in year 2003. Moreover, Ashanti was noted to the leading artist to receive Best Contemporary R&B Album prior the particular category was lastly awarded in year 2011. It is also revealed that this singer was chosen as Best New Artist as well as “Foolish” by her was nominated in the category of Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Moreover, she too attained one Comet Award as well as Soul Train Music Awards for two times.

Ashanti Net worth & Income profile in 2017

Ashanti is among very few singer and actress from America noting an outstanding net worth $22 million US dollars as of 2017. Ashanti, the name by she is presently acknowledged in the entertainment industry has sold over 15 million records globally, adding up to her income overall. Moreover, she also participates in concerts, promotions, sponsorships, etc. which indirectly augments to her overall net worth.

Renowned for her eponymous debut album, this singer Ashanti have given us the famous song “Foolish”, and sold more than 505,000 copies right in its initial week of launching all over the U.S.