Anthony Callea Net Worth

Who is Anthony Callea? What is net worth of Anthony Callea? The singing sensation Anthony Cosmo Callea better known to his fan as simply Anthony; has made a predominant mark on the page of singers with the voice of gold. Callea is known for his angle like voice, which can melt your heart and will stay with you forever. He has made a number of fans with his soothing voice.

His voice reminds his fans of a good memory. Callea pours his heart into his music, which can be well depicted from his golden voice. Apart from his music, he is also known for his amazing good looks, and his killer smile, which have swooned half of the world. This Australian born singer-songwriter has many talents. Anthony has also made a name as a stage actor. But his music is something that you can never get enough of.

Anthony Callea Net Worth 2017-2018

After being the runner up in Australian Idol in 2004, he didn’t stop. His love for music started him at the age of 15, and he already gave a performance in The Odeon theater in Melbourne’s Crown Casino. His talent was soon recognized and he met with Ashley Cadell, who was a producer that time.

From there his career took a huge turn, he then went on to spent more time writing songs and polishing his skills further. This mega singing star is very versatile, as his choice of music is diverse. His voice gives out that essence of contemporary pop. Apart from that his seamless music has many facets like, the symphonic, the operatic, from moody ballads to big dramatic ballads. And to top it over he is also known for his timeless classics.

Callea was born on December 13th, 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. He is of Italian decent. Callea also has two younger siblings, a brother Mathew Callea and a sister Christina Callea. In his teens, Callea had suffered from major depression. Report says that he was even taken to psychologists for further treatment. But later on he was supported by Beyond Blue, an initiative to recover people who have been prey to depression. His early age was not very smooth in terms of relationships. Callea had to face many speculations regarding his sexuality.

In 1998, he was caught in a bathroom tryst by few policemen. And his sexuality came into limelight. In 2007, Callea took a bold decision and confirmed his sexuality. His coming as gay was supported by many of his fans, and he was even encouraged to carry on without any hesitation. But with the news of his coming out as gay, many of his female fans were left heat broken. But that didn’t stop him. He is confident in his own skin and it is well seen in his performance.

In February 2008, Callea confirmed that he is in a relationship with the famous actor-singer Tim Campbell. Tim Campbell is a well renowned singer and stage actor, he is best known for playing the role of Dan Baker in the soap opera Home and Away. Callea and Campbell announced their engagement on August 2014, and soon their wedding took place on November 2014 in New Zealand. Report says that their relationship is going strong and steady.

Career: Anthony Callea had already found his love for music at a tender age. He was coached for about 13 years by a private music teacher. Though he gave many performances in corporate sectors and weddings, his talent didn’t go unnoticed. Callea’s career jump started when he became the runner up in the Australian Idol in 2004. But he reached the career milestone with his hit single ‘The Prayer’, which rose to the top on the charts and stayed there for a consecutive five weeks. His song was also certified by AUS 4X Platinum. Callea won many awards for his amazing performance but his one of the greatest achievements is winning The ARIA Awards.

Anthony Callea Net Worth

Anthony Callea’s net worth as of 2017 is $5.2 million USD. His yearly income is $ 606,061. He also made a few debuts in the videos of famous artists like The Veronica’s ‘4ever’ for which he earned $461,667 and in the video of the legendary singer Kelly Clarkson which landed him about $285,714. He did many more videos from which he earned a total of $ 1,488,683.

Anthony Callea is truly versatile and his fan following hits the million. He has a total of 29.2K fan following in Twitter. And his hit single The Prayer got a view of 123,632 on YouTube. Callea is down to earth and has been involved in various philanthropy works. In 2016, Callea paid his tribute to the late legendary singer George Michael who died at the age of 53. The 34 year old singer-songwriter even said that his life was made easier by this famous singer.