Anita Baker Net Worth 2018

Who is Anita Baker and what is her net worth 2018? Anita Densie Baker the possessor of a beautiful voice is renowned singer and songwriter by profession. She was born on January 26, 1958 at Toledo, Ohio in United States of America. At the age of 2 years she was her teenage mother called off from her duty of raising her daughter.

After this, Anita was brought up by her foster mother, Mary Lewis in Detroit, Michigan. On the death of her foster parent at the age of 12, she was subsequently raised by her foster sister, Lois Landry, a beauty salon owner.

Anita Baker Net Worth 2018-2019

Singing was Anita’s childhood passion. She started singing Rhythm and Blues (R & B) at Detroit nightclubs at the age of 16. At Cabaret lounge, an East-Side nightclub she was noticed by David Washington, a bassist for Detroit funk bank, Chapter 8. Being impressed by her voice, he offered her a chance to audition for their band. Even in 1975, she joined the group and for several years group made many singing tours.

In 1979, they signed a deal with Ariola Records. Chapter 8 was the first album released under the label. It featured a solo song Ready for Your Love and a duet song I Just Want to be Your Girl between Baker and Gerald Lyles (band mate).Although the song was a hit, College 8 was dropped after Ariola Records was bought by Arista Records in 1979 stating that the lead singer of the band, Anita Baker lacked the “star potential”.

Being depressed and shattered Baker went to Detroit. Back in Detroit, she served her services as a waitress and a receptionist in a law firm, Quin and Budajh. In 1982, on being called upon by Otis Smith, a former colleague of Ariola agrees to make a comeback as a solo singer under his Beverly Glen label. In 1983 her first solo album, The Songstress was released and gifted the world with awesome songs like No More Tears , Will you be mine and Angel.

In 1985, she signed her next contract with Warner Music Group associated with Elektra Records and produced her own music along with Michael J. Powell, a song writer and a producer from her old band Chapter 8 under the mentioned label. In 1986 she came up with the major hit album Rapture. The “song Sweet Love, No one in the World, Same ole Love, Watch Your Step” topped the blockbuster list. In 1987, Baker came up with the song “Ain’t No Need of Worry.

Later in 1988, the album Giving You the best I Got popped up to be at No. 1. The follow up, “Just Because” and single “Lead Me Into Love” became a top-ten R&B hits. In 1990, Baker released “Compositions” which featured her more as a song writer and a producer. It was her first album where the songs “Talk to Me, Soul Inspiration and Fairy Tales” that incorporated more Jazz than the former albums and it earned a whopping success.

In 1991, Baker took a break from her work to spend and enjoy her family time. Her official comeback was made with Rhythm of Love in 1994 and went on for its tour till 1995. Later in 1996, she worked for the label Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records and never looked back till August, 2000. Back in 2002 Rhino Records released a compilation, The Best of Anita Baker. In 2004, she signed her next deal with Blue Note Records and released her album, My Everything. In 2005, Baker released Christmas Fantasy. During the following years she did many concerts and sung National Anthem for international games till 2013.

Education: She completed her high school in 1976. She joined Community College in Detroit and quit the studies after sometime for singing in Detroit nightclubs.

Anita married Walter Bridgeforth Jr. on December 24, 1988. But they separated in 2005 and got divorced two years later. She has two sons namely Baker Bridgeforth and Carlton Bridgeforth born in January 1993 and May 1994 respectively.


• As a child Baker sung in Church Choir. It was then she realized her singing talent.
• She idolized Mahala Jackson, jazz singer Sarah Vougan and Nancy Wilson.
• She dedicated her major hit album Rapture to Lois Laundry.

Blessed with two talented sons, Anita owns a lavish and beautiful house in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. During her whole singing journey, Baker was nominated several times and in total she managed to win eight Grammy Awards, five platinum and one gold album.

• Grammy Award Best Female vocalist, R&B for Rupture and song of the year for Sweet Love
• Grammy Award Best Female vocalist and R&B song for Giving You the Best That I Got (1989).
• Grammy Award Best Female vocalist, R&B for Compositions(1990).

She didn’t limit her work as a singer only but also did a lot more than this. In 1991, Anita established Bridgeforth Foundation through which she created a college endowment for 25 children in Berry Elementary School, Detroit. The foundation also funds a program to education to educate young musician about recording industry, how to work commercially can control their finance. She established this foundation with a notion to give proper guidelines so that they do not make mistakes as she did in her early career life.

Net Worth of Anita Baker

The net worth of Baker is $85 million.


In 1983, estimated earnings from her album The Songstress is $307,000.
In 1986, estimated earnings from her album Rapture (certified 5x platinum by RIAA, platinum by BPI and gold by Music Canada) is $ 5,350,000.
In 1988, estimated earnings from her album Giving You the Best That I Got is $3,100,000.
In 1990, amount earned during the Compositions World Tour is $3,600,000.
In 1994, Amount earned during the Rhythm of Love World Tour is $12,000,000
In 2002, estimated earnings from her compilation album The Best of Anita Baker is $1,000,000.
In 2004, estimated earnings from her album My Everything is $500,000
All the stated earnings of the album are the credits to her net worth.

Anita Baker is an all time favourite singer and a jewel to the music industry. She is an inspiration to all the young singers who are from non-musical background. She has many struggling stories to offer yet again she made a history and roped many success stories.