Andrea Corr Net Worth 2019

Who is Andrea Corr and what is her net worth 2019? Andrea is an Irish songwriter, singer, and actress who represents the pop rock group the corrs, a popular band for playing various music instruments such as Vocals, tin whistle, piano, ukulele to create heat beat missing solo music. Andrea is also an actress who appeared in movies like The Commitments(1991) where she portrayed role of Sharon Rabbitte, Evita(1996) playing role of Juan Peron’s mistress, Quest for Camelot(1998) portraying the role of Kayley and many other movies such as The Bridge(2005), The Boys from County Clare(2003), Broken Thread(2006) and Pictures(2009).

She is currently 44 years old and hardly appearing in movies but she is still the most active musician and she started her own solo music group the Corrs with her siblings Jim, Caroline and Sharon & released many albums under labels of AC Records and the Atlantics.

Andrea Corr Net Worth


Her parents Gerry and Jean Corr had their own pop rock group and they used to play in local pubs and clubs. Andrea, the youngest of four siblings started to take interest in music and her niche is Pop, rock and Celtic music and pro when playing whistle, piano, And ukulele. She released her first album, Ten Feet High and her solo career started on 25 June 2007.

Moreover, she is highly concerned about Charitable activities and she along with her siblings play solo music and raise funds for eman Hospital in Newcastle, The Prince’s Trust, Pavarotti & Friends Liberian Children’s Village. Let’s have look at her net worth which increased significantly after her solo career started.

Net worth of Andrea Corr

Adrea is the songwriter, singer, and actress who has signed the contract with AC records and Atlantic records. The contracts surely have values in millions but unfortunately, her net worth is $25 million. Though she has several sources of income such as music projects and live performing shows. Moreover, she is an actress too earning her impressive amount of fortune.

When it comes to cars and house of Andrea corr, it was hard to investigate about it. As she is currently moved with her husband Brett and there is no information about her ride and her house. Though she is currently located in Gibraltar, Barbados where her husband proposed her. Having billionaire husband, surely affected her lifestyle and they both must be living in luxury.

The front lady of pop rock group the corrs is daughter of mother Jean color a housewife and father Gerry Corr, a manager of the payroll department of the Irish E.S.B. she is the youngest of four siblings and she grew up in Dundalk, Ireland with her two sisters. Her Dad Gerry and mom Jean had their own bands and they normally performed in local pubs and for stage shows.

Along with her two sisters, Sharon Corr and Caroline Corr & her brother Jim Corr she started the Corrs group. When it comes to a relationship, Andrea and Brett started dating in 2007 and engaged on Christmas 2008 when he proposed her at his father’s Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados. Andrea is expecting a baby with millionaire husband Brett Dermot Desmond who has the net worth of €1.5 million euros and he is from the UK.

Andrea Corr, a singer, songwriter, actress, and wife of billionaire Brett Dermot Desmond are currently working on her second album labelled with Atlantic records. Like her parents who use to have their own bands, she also proved that she is one of the great music artists along with songwriter along with her siblings, Caroline, Sharon, and Jim.