Anatii Net Worth

Who is Anatii? What is net worth of Anatii? Trust the South African singers to have tongue twister like names. Anathi Bhongo Mango is one such name. Therefore, such people work with pseudo names. This singer had several of them. However, the name that stuck has been Anatii. Born on 08 January 1993 in Bisho, Eastern Cape, SA, Anatii is a South African hip-hop musician and producer.

Starting at the very young age of just 16 years, Anatii wrote as well as produced a chart-topper, ‘When It Rains’ for the most popular hip-hop artist in SA at that time, L-Tido. He has worked with some of the best talents in South Africa such as Cassper Nypvest, Danny K, Fistaz Mixwell, Rick Pick, etc. Anatii plays a different kind of music that is a blend of history, heritage, and spirituality. This fact caused a great uproar in the music world when many people equated him with having links with the Illuminati. However, these allegations were proved false.

Anatii Net Worth 2017-2018

Anatii has his own music entertainment label, YAL Entertainment. He has links with the gold Tea productions LLC for promoting his music as well. In addition to being an accomplished singer, Anatii is more famous for his producing abilities. He has the credit of producing one of the tracks played at the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Opening Ceremony.

He started out as a young songwriter. However, his life changed when the famous music teacher R J Benjamin took him under his wing and imparted voice training to him thereby transforming him into a complete hip-hop singer.

Anatii has the credit of working with stalwarts in the music industry such as Erykah Badu, D J Khalid, Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, etc. He is a successful singer and producer having won about eight different awards and nominations in 2014-15. He is famous for his solo song, ‘The Saga’, a roaring success in South Africa. Another hit song from his stable is ‘Hours’ written by Anatii himself along with Mika Means. This song became famous in the US as well.

Education: There is no record available about his educational qualifications. In the absence of concrete information, we cannot comment on the same. However, it seems that he must have secured his elementary education in his native place, Bisho.

Anatii Net Worth

Anatii net worth at around $0.3 million US dollars in 2017. His major earnings are from the songs he sings as well as those he writes for others. M Lebo, a Grammy award winner has worked with Anatii on four hit songs on the Coca-Cola compilation album in 2009. He has released many singles as well. All these have contributed to his net worth.

Anatii Assets

With a net worth of around $0.3 million, he is on the way to becoming one of the highest paid stars in South Africa. Naturally, he must be having all the possible material assets at his command. There is no individual information about the assets accumulated by Anatii on the internet anywhere.

Anatii Business Model

Anatii has his own entertainment company by the name of YAL Entertainment. He is a writer first, having written some chart busters for popular singers. His mentor, R J Benjamin instilled in him the belief that he could sing well. Hence, he started singing on a regular basis after obtaining voice training from Benjamin.

Anatii is a modern-day musician. Hence, you can find him very active on social media platforms such as Instagram. You can see many of his photographs if you follow his profile intently.

Anatii has been writing songs since he was 16 years old. He has lost count of the years he has been working. He has said these words in many of his interviews.

Anatii has been in the news for the wring reasons very recently. He has a habit of making peculiar hand movements while singing and dancing. Many people construed these movements with having links to the Illuminati. These allegations appear baseless.

The South African colored singers have very nimble feet and hence dance very well. Anatii is a good dancer as well. In addition, Anatii is very good at writing songs and producing them as well. He has a great demand in his country. He has become famous globally because of the release of one of his songs in the US.