Alex Goot Net Worth

Who is Alex Goot and what is his net worth 2018? Alex Goot is a singer and songwriter from New York. His full name is Alexander George Gut, who was born on 15th March 1988 in Poughkeepsie, New York. He is an instrumentalist and can play a different kind of instruments such as acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums and so on. He is very experimental in playing instruments. He has a goal to reach an enormous number of people through his music.

He has his own channel on YouTube and a long fan following. He made his debut in the music industry at a young age of 16 and got applause from multiple age groups and he has a social network of his listeners. He plays music as he loves music a lot and wants to present a variety of music to his listeners. He always acts according to the situation and never keep any plan B. He is fond of his home studio a lot that he always records his videos there.

Alex Goot Net Worth 2018-2019

He also does a collaboration with different singers to bring variety and versatility in his presentation. He married his long-time girlfriend Elle Fowler in 2015 on July 3 at Bacara Resort & Spa which is in Santa Barbara, California. He played a song “Unstoppable” for proposing his girlfriend for marriage. He gives all the credit to his father for showing him the music as destiny.

Education: Alex is pretty crazy about music and he is fond of playing different instruments. He did his early study until the age of 16 and then introduced himself to the glamour world with his passionate music and his vibrant style of playing different instruments. He also considers his love of his as his inspiration, even he specially wrote a song for his wife, which he sang to propose her for marriage. According to reports of different news channels, he has a subscription of nearly 2 million fans on his music channel of YouTube.

Alex Goot Net Worth

Alex has earnings of $2.2 million and all his earnings come from his music videos, songs, and his music channel “GootMusic”. He has a huge fan following due to which he is able to have a handsome earning. His fans subscribe his YouTube music channel and he gets income from it. He is considered as one of the richest people in the industry.

Alex has a beautiful house in Poughkeepsie in the United States of America and he has his own studio in his house. He usually makes his videos and does his recording there only. He bought his house in February 2015 after returning from his European tour in January 2015.

Alex is a man of emotions and people believe he is less interested in business dealings. He just enjoys his music and earns through his writing and musical skills. His music is the only business which he knows very well and he is expert in that business for sure.

Alex does not like to be in the news and the last coverage of his on stage contribution was in 2014 in Manila, Philippines. He did a concert there for his fans and it was a blockbuster hit. The crowd was restless to see Alex on stage and he also performed very well on the stage. He played all of his top numbers for his fans and also played a soulful music on the piano, which made public mad. Presently, he is concentrating on his music channel and creating new music as this the only passion he has.

Alex Goot is considered as a person of soul music and he really loves his music a lot. He thanked his father in his interviews to give him music as a density. He has also taken his girlfriend and now wife Elle as her inspiration for music. He has a versatility in playing multiple musical instruments with expertise. He says he create music for himself satisfaction. He defines that I want to relate to people and my audience through my music.